About Us

Welcome to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in the School of Arts and Science at New York University. Spanish has been part of the curriculum at NYU since its very beginnings in the 1830's. We are proud to continue this long and distinguished history into the twenty-first century with an extraordinary group of faculty and instructors, graduate students and undergraduate majors, all working together to advance knowledge about the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds.

The hallmark of our department is its trans-Atlantic and inter-American focus. We bridge traditional divides between Spain and Spanish America; between North and South America; between Portugal, Brazil and Africa; and between Spanish America and Brazil, in order to rethink historical, literary and linguistic boundaries from new perspectives. Thus our endeavor is essentially comparatist in nature, as it must be in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

We invite you to explore the pages of this site and to read about our departmental programs and activities, as well as our links to other NYU programs both in New York and abroad.