Independent Study/Internship Information

Students petitioning for internship or independent study credit must be declared sociology majors with a minimum of four sociology courses completed. Students are required to submit a one-page synopsis of a proposed topic (for internships students will need to submit a synopsis of exactly what their internship entails and how they intend to address their duties in a sociology-based project along with a brief letter from their supervisor confirming these duties) to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

If the project is approved the student will next need to find a faculty sponsor within the department. We will make an effort to match students with professors who have a specialty in their area of interest.

Students petitioning for internship credit must agree to keep a detailed field diary of their observations on and off-site. Here is a good reference for creating and keeping a field diary.

The credit load for the internship/independent study should reflect the level of work agreed upon by the student and their sponsor. A reasonable culmination of a 2-credit internship/independent study would be a 10-page minimum paper and a pass/fail grade (the student must petition to take the study pass/fail with CAS Advising once they have registered). If the student wishes to do the internship/independent study for 4 credits, they must submit a syllabus for the course that contains 50-75 pages of reading per week as well as writing assignments totaling 20 pages. In addition, a faculty advisor must agree to meet with the student for c. two hours per week. The course will be letter graded.

In order to ensure that students are receiving an appropriate amount of instruction during the academic semester, we will not allow students to begin any internships or independent study credit work after the second week of classes.

Please submit your completed application for independent study to Jamie Lloyd, Academic Administrator, at