Masters AQR Program

The Master's Degree program in Applied Quantitative Research (AQR) is designed to be innovative, flexible, and interdisciplinary—training students in cutting-edge quantitative techniques and strategies as applied in contemporary social science research. The program brings together a group of students with quantitatively-focused interests and career ambitions to provide them with rigorous training in quantitative techniques and applied statistical analysis. The structure of the program is designed to improve students' understanding of quantitative research and prepare them for a number of possible careers in the private or public sector, as well as for further academic study.

Students in the AQR program complete a 34 credit curriculum, gaining a strong foundation in the statistical tools and theoretical perspectives used in the social sciences while allowing them flexibility to pursue their own interests and develop specialized skills. In addition to the mandatory core courses in the program, students also choose elective courses from the Sociology Department and from the offerings of other departments and schools at NYU. Students draw on these resources to make the most of their experience at the University.

Graduates of the program will acquire the tools necessary for a variety of professional endeavors. A large percentage of graduates of the program will take up research positions in non-profit and government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, while some will enter careers in evaluation, marketing or finance, using the tools developed through the program for analysis of data. Other graduates will enter doctoral programs in the social sciences at top universities in the United States and abroad. The tools that students develop through the AQR program will allow them to find employment opportunities in a number of traditional or emerging fields requiring the use of advanced statistical training.

The application deadline for Fall 2017 entry is April 30, 2017.