Law and Society


NOT OPEN TO PRE COLLEGE STUDENTS. Drawing on a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, the goal of this course is to teach students how to think and write critically about law, legal institutions, and the reciprocal relationship between law and society. What is the relation between law and social change? And how does the law contribute to reduce or increase social inequality? Some of the major themes addressed in the course are: constitutional law and social change (e.g. civil rights, abortion, and same sex marriage); criminal law and mass incarceration; law and the construction of race; law and gender; memory and reconciliation; democracy, totalitarism and populism; the law in the context of Trump’s presidency.

Sociological perspectives on law and legal institutions: the meaning and complexity of legal issues; the relation between law and social change; the effects of law; uses of law to overcome social disadvantage. Topics: ?limits of law,? legal disputes and the courts, regulation, comparative legal systems, legal education, organization of legal work, and lawyers? careers.

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SOC-UA 413


4 Points

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Summer 2018

Erik John Herbert Van Deventer
MTR: 1:30 PM - 3:35 PM BOBS LL138