Interdisciplinary Sem:

SAME AS G62.1004 & L06.3560

This course examines the social and political preconditions for successful national economic development. Its focus is on the problems specific to economies described as “late developers”, which means countries that embark on economic growth in a context where some countries have already industrialized. The premise is that the obstacles confronted by late developers are qualitatively different from early developers. We begin by examining the conditions that enabled the early developers to successfully industrialize. We then proceed to investigate how the presence of economically advanced countries then changes the conditions for late countries embarking on their own development agenda. The course pays specific attention to agrarian transformation, the role of the state, the East Asian “miracle” economies, and recent shifts in North-South relations. Some background in economics is helpful, but not necessary.







Fall 2018

Vivek A Chibber
T: 6:20 PM - 9:00 PM 295L 4156