About Us

We are proud to share with you the dynamic and vibrant community that has come together in our department -- a community dedicated to preparing and training students, producing cutting edge research, and communicating our scholarship. Discoveries made by faculty and graduate students reach our colleagues at NYU, sociologists around the world, as well as policy makers and general readers. As society struggles to meet contemporary challenges, sociology as a discipline has much to offer. Scholars affiliated with NYU Sociology work on most features of social life, including the environment, criminal justice, gender, race, religion, inequality, and population research. We encourage you to explore the resources in our community and to embrace your sociological imagination.  Join us. 

We offer three distinct programs: a PhD program, preparing doctoral students for academic research and teaching as well as related positions; a masters degree in Applied Quantitative Research ( AQR), preparing graduate students for careers applying advanced quantitative research methods; and our undergraduate program that prepares students for democratic citizenship and many callings -- from research and teaching to health, law, and public service -- providing intellectual support and inspiring them to make contributions to their society. 

Our intellectual life together includes active research workshops in the area of: Complex Organizations; Ethnography; Economic and Political Sociology; Crime, Law, and Deviance; Inequality/Stratification; Morality; Sociology of Culture; and the Sociology of Education. The Department also has developed increasing strength in population studies, an expertise that has been recognized by formation of the NYU Population Center, housed in the Center for Advanced Social Science Research (CASSR). We have a large number of outside scholars circulating through our community and presenting in the Puck Seminar Series, sponsored by the Department, and the CASSR Seminar Series, sponsored by CASSR. Members of the faculty and our graduate students have won numerous teaching and research awards over the years.
Engage, explore and expand your sociological imagination with us.