You've reached the home of some of the best social science departments in the United States. We do Economics, Politics and Sociology, as well as Anthropology, Journalism and Linguistics. In an exciting new development, we've just created a Department of Environmental Studies that draws on talent from the humanities as well as the natural and social sciences. We're key players in University-wide initiatives in data science – so much of the "big data" people want to analyze are generated by humans – in urban sciences and the environment, and in global public health.

In short we've prize-winning intellectual leaders, and ferociously inquisitive young scholars, who study anything and everything to do with human interaction. And we do this all over the world, whether here in Greenwich Village, in the portal campuses in Abu Dhabi or Shanghai, or in scores of other locations to which our researchers fan out when conducting fieldwork during vacations and sabbaticals.

Follow the links to the websites of our departments, institutes, centers and programs and find out just how much is going in. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Michael Laver