Welcome to NYU Science! I encourage you to browse through our website, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to share in the excitement of scientific discovery, innovation and education at NYU.

We are the five major science departments as well as 14 interdisciplinary research centers in the NYU Faculty of Arts and Science, located in the vibrant Greenwich Village of New York City in downtown Manhattan.  The science faculty, researchers and students at NYU are dedicated to excellence in their fields and to advancing knowledge about ourselves and the universe, and to developing new technologies to address the most pressing problems of society. NYU scientists work on a diverse and exciting range of research areas - from studying genomes across all the kingdoms of life, searching for dark matter and dark energy, understanding how the brain works, developing new materials and chemistries, and much more.

Over the last decade, the science departments and research centers at NYU have seen tremendous growth, with sustained investment in faculty, students and infrastructure that has ensured that NYU remains a world leader in scientific research and education. We continue to maintain and enhance our excellence in different core science disciplines, but we also embrace a culture of interdisciplinary research and nurture work that integrates concepts and approaches in different areas.

Finally, as you will see, we have extended our global reach, with new research centers at the NYU Abu Dhabi and soon the NYU Shanghai campus that expands the possibilities for international, collaborative and multidisciplinary research.

As Dean for Science, I am constantly excited and awed by the scientific and technological advances that are made here in Greenwich Village.  I invite all of you to share in this great adventure!

With all best wishes,

Michael Purugganan

Dean for Science