Internship Program

Undergraduate Internship Program
SCA Theory & Practice: The Internship Program (SCA-UA 42)

The SCA Internship Program complements formal course work, testing theory with practice, and combining internship experience with a classroom seminar. The internship gives you the chance to explore career paths and gain invaluable hands-on experience outside the classroom. You can choose internships related to your major in many areas including: arts, city planning, education, housing, law and social welfare. Some examples of complementary internships include Asian/Pacific/American studies majors with the Museum of the Chinese in America, Social & Cultural Analysis majors with Abrons Arts Center, or Metropolitan studies majors with the Urban Justice Center. Participation is open to all NYU juniors and seniors.

All students register for SCA-UA 42 SCA Theory & Practice: The Internship Program, 4 credits, offered ONLY in the spring. The seminar must be taken at the same time as you are doing your fieldwork. All 7 SCA majors are encouraged to complete the program but it is not required. This course counts as a faculty elective for all the majors.

If you are interested in participating, e-mail Many internships fill up long before the semester starts so don’t wait until the last minute!


SCA-UA 42 SCA Theory & Practice: The Internship Program

4 credits

In the seminar, you will discuss and analyze the workings of your agencies, their missions, philosophies, goals as well as the ways they seek to improve diverse communities.  In other words, how do the theories you have studied in your SCA classes apply to the practices of your agencies as well as the communities in which they operate.



In order to enroll in the SCA-UA 42, you must agree to participate in fieldwork the same semester: 10 hours weekly for 13 weeks for a total of 130 hours.  Internships begin the first week of the semester and end the last week of classes.   Schedules are arranged according to you and your supervisor's needs. However, you should plan to work no less than three hours at a time.  All interns must schedule at least two days.  Please note that while we only require 10 hours a week, many agencies require 15 and a few 20. We will not accept internships that are more than 20 hours. You will need to clarify time commitments when you interview.



All internships are with government and nonprofit agencies related to SCA majors. The program is an academic one and internships are unpaid.  Choose from the different placements listed on the google drive. Responsibilities vary by agency but we require all students to be involved in meaningful projects that contribute to their understanding of the organization.     

If you have any questions about the internship process, please contact Betts Brown, Assistant Director for Internships & Curricular Integration,



  • Send your Internship Planning Form and resume to  To do this, research agencies on the google drive.

  • Meet with Betts Brown to discuss the program.

  • Narrow your choices and send a cover letter/e-mail and resume to your top three agencies.

  • Interview in-person with one to three agencies and finalize placement.

  • Submit Internship Placement Information form to agency & by December 15th (if there is room in the seminar, you can submit by January 15th.)

  • Get access codes and register for Seminar & Fieldwork. Until you find your internship, register for a back-up class in case you change your mind or don’t find the internship you want.