Graduate Program

Doctoral Track: Interdisciplinary Specialization in Russian (ISR)

Since 2009, the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies has administered a new field of doctoral study in History or in Comparative Literature: the Interdisciplinary Specialization in Russian (ISR), encompassing literature, history, and culture, with full funding support for five years of study toward the Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Masters Degree in Russian Studies

Applicants who are admitted will be considered for the Stephen Cohen Fellowship in Russian and Slavic Studies. This prestigious and selective fellowship may be awarded annually to exceptionally accomplished and promising MA students. 

To be considered for the Stephen Cohen fellowship, completed applications must be submitted by 2/15/2017

Joint M.A. in Russian and Slavic Studies and Journalism

We also draw your attention to Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute's Global and Joint Program Studies. For further information on combining the study of Russian and journalism at NYU, please contact

New Concentration for MA Students in Russian Studies: Concentration in International Relations:

The Russian Studies MA with a Concentration in International Relations is a 34 point program, with 14 points being undertaken in IR coursework. Students write a jointly supervised MA thesis (one advisor from IR and one affiliated with the Department of Russian & Slavic Studies).

Russian Studies MA students with a concentration in IR fulfill the same principal requirements as others in the Russian Studies MA (Defining Russia RUSSN-GA 2121 and the language requirement).

Courses to be taken in IR include:

  1. Global and International History, INTRL-GA 1600
  2. International Relations, INTRL-GA 1700
  3. Master’s Thesis Seminar, INTRL-GA 4000 (2 credits, in place of the Russian & Slavic Department’s option of thesis research independent study)
  4. one IR elective

For a description of NYU’s Master’s Program in International Relations, see Interested applicants may also contact the program’s director Dr. Michael Williams at


For complete Program-Specific Application Requirements for Russian and Slavic Studies, see

For more information and for any questions, please contact Rossen Djagalov, Director of Graduate Studies at