Remarque Invited Professorship at ENS

In partnership with the École Normale Supérieure, the Remarque Institute is very pleased to offer, by competition, one one-month Invited Professorship (professeur invité) position at ENS each year. Eligibility is normally limited to tenured NYU faculty members working in the fields of art history, history, cultural studies and visual arts. In exceptional cases, applications from Consortium faculty and Remarque affiliates will also be considered. The professorship is awarded by the Remarque Institute, in consultation with ENS.  

Invited Professors are expected to spend at least four weeks in Paris, and to give four different public presentations (in French) during the course of their stay.  These presentations are coordinated by Remarque’s ENS partner faculty. Invited Professors (Professeurs Invités) are remunerated at the rate of 1/12th annual salary on the French national professorial scale, and their round-trip travel between New York and Paris is also provided. All French-mandated paperwork connected to their appointments is completed in Paris upon arrival.

These professorships are appropriate only for those with a good command of the French language, though applicants certainly need not work on France or French topics. 

To apply for the Remarque Invited Professorship at ENS, click here.