Remarque Doctoral Fellowships at ENS

The Remarque Institute supports up to two doctoral students each year who wish to spend three months in research residency at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. In exceptional cases, requests for two semesters of residency will be considered. Candidacy is limited to NYU doctoral students and to Columbia University doctoral students affiliated with the Consortium for Intellectual and Cultural History.

These Fellowships are non-stipendiary and are intended for doctoral students with fellowship support or extramural funding. Graduate students fellows are provided with cost-free, modest student housing within Paris, modest private office space at ENS, and round-trip travel between New York and Paris.  Doctoral student fellows at ENS will be encouraged to participate in seminars and colloquia during the course of their residency.

Graduate students who are awarded fellowships in Paris are expected to be in regular residence at ENS, where they will have access to library and other resources. These fellowships are thus not appropriate for those planning to spend significant amounts of time away from Paris, who do not anticipate making use of the office space provided them at ENS, and who are not interested in being part of the ENS community during their stay in Paris. Nor are they appropriate for those who do not have, at minimum, an intermediate-level command of the French language, though applicants certainly need not work on France or French topics.

To apply for the Remarque Doctoral Fellowships at ENS, click here.