Curricula & Tracks

The program affords candidates the opportunity to take courses from faculty representing major orientations in psychoanalytic theory and practice. We encourage students to take courses reflecting differing points of view and to have supervisory experiences with faculty of diverse approaches. The curricula are designed to encourage an intellectual community in which theoretical diversity and comparative study may thrive and where greater clarity of conceptualization and integration in psychoanalytic thinking is achieved.

Candidates have the option of selecting courses from any of the tracks. Candidates are never required to choose or affiliate with any single track. For candidates interested in exploring particular tracks, each track's chair is available to offer guidance and faculty are pleased to confer individually with candidates and help them with their course of study. To this end candidates with questions are invited to contact any of the Track chairs:

Contemporary Freudian Track

    Stephen Solow

Independent Track

    Steve Botticelli & Jill Gentile

Interpersonal-Humanistic Track

    Barbara Waxenberg & Bruce Grellong

Relational Track

   Lawrence Zelnick