Committees & Groups

The NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis is a freestanding program within the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). The program is administered by the Director, Lewis Aron, Ph.D. The Postdoctoral Clinic is administered by the Clinic Director, Spyros Orfanos, Ph.D., who reports to the Director.

The Postdoctoral Program Senate is the governing body of the program and is responsible for program policy and operations. The Senate is constituted of 26 senators with half coming from the faculty and half from students and graduates, and all segments of the Postdoctoral community are represented. Chaired by the director (who only votes to break a tie), the Senate consists of 13 faculty members (four from the Executive Committee, eight track chairs, and the clinic director); eight students; five graduates including one representing the Psychoanalytic Society (the society constituted of graduates of the program).  All senators are required to adhere to the highest ethical standards and must adhere to the ethical standards of the profession in which they are licensed.  Senators serve at the discretion of the director of the program.

The Postdoctoral Program’s Executive Committee is an advisory committee to the director. It consists of the Clinic Director and four faculty members, one from each of the program’s tracks. While representing their respective tracks, the purpose of the Executive Committee is to consider the needs of the program as a whole, rather than the interests of the track. These members of the Executive Committee (EC) also serve as liaisons between the program and the tracks. The Executive Committee is fully responsible for the appointment of faculty and consultants, and makes recommendations to the Senate regarding new courses and curriculum.  In addition they advise the director regarding program policy and operation of the Senate.


Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee offers educational and consultation services in ethical matters to the Postdoctoral faculty and candidates.  Read more...

Committee on Ethnicity, Race, Culture, Class, & Language (CERCCL)
The CERCCL's purpose and mission is to facilitate engagement with matters of ethnicity, race, culture, class and language, both clinically and theoretically, in the NYU Postdoctoral program. Read more...

Pro Bono & Social Responsibility Committee
The Pro Bono and Activism Committee surveys the Postdoc community about activist commitments, and presents the work of Postdoctoral faculty, graduates and candidates in this area at bi-annual meetings.


Mary-Joan Gerson
Katherine Oram

Among the topics presented at the bi-annual meetings, have been foster care, hospice, amnesty work, public media involvement, and parent-child consultation. The Committee has organized a Directory of Pro Bono and Activism commitments which is available on our members only page, so that individuals who are interested in initiating a volunteer commitment can contact colleagues for further information. The Directory includes national and international efforts, as well as a full record of the many pro bono supervisory commitments of the community.

Comparative Psychoanalysis Committee

The Comparative Psychoanalysis Committee is a group of faculty, graduates, and candidates from every track that work together to create dialogue on major topics in psychoanalysis through a series of informal talks within the PD community. To date, we have organized meetings that have explored: Models of Mind, Therapeutic Action, and The Unconscious from various theoretical and clinical perspectives.

A discussion between Jody Davies, Richard Lasky, Edgar Levenson, and Donnel Stern, moderated by Amy Schwartz Cooney and Ken Feiner in June, 2013,  was videotaped for screening within the PD community. This video can be accessed through the members only section of the Postdoc website. We ask that this material not be shared outside the community at this time.

A second discussion on The Unconscious with these panelists and moderators is scheduled for January 26, 2014. Future meetings on other topics of interest within Comparative Psychoanalysis are in development and, when possible, will be archived on video and accessible to members of Post-Doc through the program web site.

For more information on this project, contact Amy Schwartz Cooney (
For information on the video tapes, contact Jonathan Eger (


Candidates, graduates, and faculty are invited and encouraged to attend the various informal study groups that focus on specific clinical and theoretical issues.  These groups are only open to the NYU Postdoc community.

LGBT Study Group
Candidates, graduates, and faculty are invited and encouraged to attend the various study groups that focus on specific clinical issues.  These groups are only open to the NYU Postdoc community. The mission of the LGBT study group is to promote knowledge, sensitivity and awareness for clinicians who work with LGBT individuals. It welcomes all faculty, graduates and candidates in the NYU Postdoctoral community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and will also be open to invited members.  The group plans to meet regularly to discuss clinical material, social issues and other topics that are relevant to LGBT people. Invited speakers from other disciplines and other psychoanalytic communities will enrich and enliven the group’s discourse. The LGBT Study Group will begin meeting in the fall of 2012.

Organizing committee: Steven Botticelli, Martin Devine, Jack Drescher, Ann D'Ercole