Study Away

The Department of Politics offers a variety of exciting courses abroad at both our partner sites and several other sites with which the department has an affiliation.

Partner Sites

We encourage students to travel to our partner sites, where majors can take some of our required core courses as well as more advanced courses in all fields of political science. Our partner sites are NYU-Florence and NYU-Washington DC

Our American Political Practice and Leadership track offers our majors the opportunity to gain skills and experience in applied American Politics via a study-away semester in NYU-Washington DC, while acquiring the substantive, analytical understanding of US politics provided by American Politics courses offered at NYU Washington Square. For more information, go to

Other Sites

The department offers many other courses in all field of political science in several other sites, mostly in London, Madrid, Prague, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Timing and Advising

Students should complete most of their required courses here in New York before traveling.  Ideally, students should not go abroad before the second semester of their sophomore year, but we can be flexible about our recommendations. Please contact our Academic Adviser, Emily Mitchell-Marrell ( to make plans for study abroad.