What is an Academic Advisor?:  My name is Emily. I am the Politics and International Relations academic advisor. I am happy to help you in any way that I can. If I can not help, I will hopefully send you in the right direction. NYU is a big school and I am here to help you navigate it and get the most out of your experience here. You can reach me by email at

What I know about:
•    Major requirements
•    Minor requirements
•    Honors applications and deadlines
•    Campus Resources
•    Internships
•    Syllabi and course descriptions for courses
•    Course schedules
•    Suggesting appropriate courses/professors based on your interests/strengths
•    General inquiries, ideas, comments, questions

Where/When to find me:
My office hours are 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. My office is located at 19 West 4th Street (@Mercer St.) on the 2nd floor. With the exception of a week or two before registration, you never need an appointment to come see me. Please just come by. I am here almost every weekday and I would love to speak with you. You are not bothering me. This is my job and I am here for you. Come prepared with the questions you want to ask and know what information you are looking for. You might want to review the courses you have taken or plan to take before you come in, make sure you are on track with credits and requirements.

For information about MAP requirements, you should see an advisor from CAS advising on the 9th floor of Silver. I am your major (or minor) advisor so this is the focus of our time together.

Important Dates: Advising Calendar
•    September: Come say hello, check in
•    October 15th: Apply to Honors International Relations program (Sophomore)
•    October/November: Clearance and Registration for Spring semester.
•    March 1st: Apply to Honors Politics Program (Juniors)
•    March/April: Clearance and Registration for Fall semester
•    May: Graduation and Degree Completion (Seniors)
•    June/July: Advisor is out of the office. Please get to me with your questions/concerns by late May. I return in August.

You can expect an advisor to:
• Understand and communicate curriculum, requirements, policies, and procedures
• Listen to your concerns and respect your individual values and choices 
• Support you in defining your academic, career, and personal goals
• Assist you in creating an educational plan that is consistent with those goals
• Discuss co-curricular activities and how they fit with your goals
• Refer you to campus resources

We expect you to:
•    Become knowledgeable of campus policies, procedures, and resources 
•    Be open and willing to consider other perspectives
•    Reflect upon your goals and educational plans and be prepared to discuss them
•    Create and regularly update your four-year plan
•    Take primary and increasing responsibility for making your own decisions based on available information and advice
•    Receive a "C" or above in all your major/minor requirements

Ask me about: 

•    The Honors Program
•    Study Abroad
•    The Politics Society
•    IR Society
•    NYU resources

What can you do on your own:
•    Check in regularly with your MAP advisor and other major/minor advisors.
•    Visit the student activities office and get involved outside the classroom
•    The Politics Society (join/like their FB page)
•    International Relations Society (join/like their FB page)
•    Follow @NYUPolitics on Twitter!
•    Check internship/job page of the Politics department (Internships and Jobs)