Ph.D. Placements

Last update: 06/21/2017

Name Year Institution Position
Renard Sexton 2017 Princeton University Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tyler Kustra 2017 Weatherhead Center, Harvard University Visiting Fellow
Hannah Simpson 2017 Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST) Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Carlo Horz 2017 Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST) Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jeffrey Carnegie 2017 Montana State University (Bozeman) Teaching Assistant Professor
Eric Arias 2017 William and Mary Assistant Professor
Livio Di Lonardo 2017 Bocconi University Assistant Professor
Soenke Ehret 2017 Oxford Nuffield Researcher
Saad Gulzar 2017 Stanford University Assistant Professor
Emily West 2017 University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor
Rodolpho Bernabel 2017 ESPN, Sao Paolo Brazil  
Ju Yeon Park 2016 Washington University at St. Louis Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Woo Chang Kang 2016 Australian National University Lecturer
Sunkyoung Park 2016 Peace and Democracy Institute, Korea University Research Fellow
Kai Ou 2016 Florida State Assistant Professor
SP Harish 2016 William and Mary Assistant Professor
Brett Casper 2015 ZS Associates Business Associate Consultant
Lindsay Newman 2015 IHS County Risk and Forecasting Team
Adam Harris 2015 University of Gothenburg Postdoctoral Fellow
Omar Garcia Ponce 2015 UC Davis Assistant Professor
Franziska Keller 2015 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Assistant Professor
Parashar Kulkarni 2015 Yale-NUS College Assistant Professor
Scott Tyson 2015 University of Michigan Assistant Professor
Marko Klasjna 2015 Georgetown School of Foreign Service/ Government Department (joint position) Assistant Professor
Jenny Guardado 2015 Georgetown School of Foreign Service Assistant Professor
Pablo Barbera 2015 London School of Economics Assistant Professor
Dominik Duell 2014 Essex Assistant Professor
Iulia Cioroianu 2014 LSE, Department of Methodology LSE Fellow
Lindsey Cormack 2014 Stevens Institute of Technology Assistant Professor
Jorge Gallego 2014 Universidad del Rosario Professor
Nicholas Almendares 2014 (1)Federal District Court of the Southern District of Texas; and Clerk
Pablo Fernandez-Vazquez 2014 Carlos III - Juan March Institute Junior Research Fellow
Ji Yeon Hong 2014 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Assistant Professor
Michaël Aklin 2014 University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor
Drew Conway 2013 Project Florida Head of Data
Kazuto Ohtsuki 2013 Carnegie Mellon University Postdoctoral Fellow
Hanil Chang 2013 University of Toronto Postdoctoral Fellow
Thomas Zeitzoff  2013 American University Assistant Professor
Ana Bracic 2013 University of Oklahoma Assistant Professor
Patrick LeBihan 2013 Science Po (France) Tenure Track Position
Gonzalo Rivero 2013 YouGov Senior Analyst
Andrew Little 2013 University of California, Berkeley Assistant Professor
Tianyang Xi 2013 Peking University, National School of Development Assistant Professor
Yael Zeira 2013 University of Mississippi Assistant Professor
Kristin Michelitch 2013 Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor
Victoria Shineman 2013 University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor
Andrew Bausch 2013 Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Social and Decision Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
Julie Browne 2013 Yeshiva University Assistant Professor
Mike Tiernay 2012 Ipsos Senior Research Manager
Michael Kates 2012 Georgetown University Visiting Assistant Professor
Alexander Herzog 2012 Clemson University, Social Analytics Institute & Big Data Systems Lab Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicholas Beauchamp 2012 Northeastern University Assistant Professor
Didac Queralt 2012 Yale Assistant Professor
Robin Harding 2012 University of Rochester Assistant Professor
Tolga Sinmazdemir 2012 Bogazici University, Istanbul Assistant Professor
Daniel Berger 2011 University of Essex Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Mathew Coakley 2011 University of Warwick Teaching Fellow
Michael Woodruff 2011 Citigroup Vice President, Corporate Fair Lending Economist/Statistician
Andrew Therriault 2011 Democratic National Committee Director of Data Science
Anna Getmansky 2011 University of Essex Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Alejandro Quiroz Flores 2011 University of Essex Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Adam Bonica 2011 Stanford University Assistant Professor
Feryal Cherif 2011 Loyola Marymount University Assistant Professor
Simon Chauchard 2011 Dartmouth College Assistant Professor
James Hollyer 2011 University of Minnesota, Department of Political Science Assistant Professor
Fernando Martel Garcia 2010 Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard University Post-doctoral research fellow
Hande Mutlu 2010 LSE Post-doctoral Fellow: Government department
Gökçe Göktepe 2010 IBEI, Barcelona Assistant Professor
Anjali Thomas Bohlken 2010 University of British Columbia - Vancouver Assistant Professor
Anna Bassi 2010 UNC - Chapel Hill Assistant Professor
Yunus Sozen 2010 Bahcesehir University, Istanbul Assistant Professor
Ernest Sergenti 2010 World Bank Research Economist
Gwendolyn Taylor 2009 Yale University Post-doctoral Fellow
Melanie Goodrich 2009 Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Consultant
Yu Wang 2009 Chinese University of Hong Kong Assistant Professor
Leslie Johns 2008 UCLA Assistant Professor
Vincentas Vobolevicius 2008 ISM University of Management and Economics Instructor
Ozlem Altan 2007 Koc University, Istanbul Assistant Professor
Beth Ginsberg 2007 University of Connecticut Assistant Professor in Residence
Julios Rios-Figueroa 2007 Stanford Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences Fellow
Severine Autesserre 2007 Barnard College Assistant Professor
Nicole Simoneli 2007 New York University Clinical  Professor