New Partnership with Marron Institute of Urban Management at NYU
NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management has partnered with the Politics Department and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to offer students new opportunities to participate in graduate courses and applied research opportunities focused on urban policy challenges, both here in the United States and around the world. Though cities are centers of growth, innovation, and culture, they confront a number of important policy questions about challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, public health crises, political instability, and conflict. It is these questions to which Marron faculty members and researchers address their efforts. 

Coursework and research topics will include:
•    Improving public performance: randomized control trials for practitioner-led innovation
•    Criminal justice reform: reducing crime and reducing incarceration
•    Environmental health and policy
•    Preparing for rapid urban growth in low and middle income countries
•    Urban land use, housing, and transportation policy
•    Municipal governance and the financial health of cities
•    Drugs: public health and public policy

Participating Marron Institute Faculty and Senior Researchers:

Mark Kleiman is the Director of the Crime and Justice program and is working with states to reduce recidivism by improving the reentry of prisoners back into the community. Kleiman is also helping governments identify ways to improve policing, curb drunk driving, reduce substance abuse among probationers and parolees, and develop sensible approaches to cannabis regulation.

Angela Hawken is the Director of the Litmus program. Hawken’s team works with public sector practitioners in areas such as criminal justice, education, healthcare, and city government—providing them with the analytical tools necessary to test their practices and increase the pace with which they develop innovative policies. Her work includes assisting departments of correction in 14 states as they work to reduce the use of solitary and improve the reentry process for recently incarcerated persons under community supervision.

Kevin Cromar is the Director of the Air Quality Program and provides guidance on air quality and environmental health management issues to city leaders in the United States and internationally.  His research portfolio spans exposure assessment, health effects analysis, policy evaluation, and implementation of management solutions.

Shlomo Angel is the Director of the Urban Expansion program—a joint effort of the Marron Institute and the NYU Stern Urbanization Project. Angel is an expert on urban development policy, having advised the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). His work focuses on documenting the quality and quantity of global urban expansion and working with local officials to plan for urban expansion in the rapidly growing cities of low and middle income countries.

Alain Bertaud is a Senior Research Scholar at the Marron Institute after decades of on-the-ground experience in cities around the world. Bertaud previously held the position of Principal Urban Planner at the World Bank. Bertaud’s research aims to bridge the gap between operational urban planning and urban economics with a primary focus on the interaction between urban forms, real estate markets and regulations.

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