International Relations and Politics Honors Theses

2015 IR  Theses

Ana Sofia Almagro. "Trade Agreement Depth, Polity, and Export Concentration: A Political Economy Analysis of Trade Agreement Design."

Siddharth Gandhi.  "A Little Money Goes a Long Way."

Benjamin Goh.  "Prosperity and Security: A Political Economy Model of Internet Surveillance."

Alma Gonzalez.  "Education: The Secret to Crime Reduction?"

Shatti Hoque.  "The Effects of Gender-Related Legislation on Female Empowerment and the Prevalence of FGM."

Eric Lenier Ives.  "Eyes in the Sky: An Examination into the Determinants of U.S. and Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Proliferation"

Mary La Rocque.  "Microfinance and Women's Empowerment."

Ian Manley.  "Protests in China: A Minter of Discontent."

Andrea Mariana Islas Regalado.  "Trust Issues: Political Institutions, Leader Tenure and Foreign Direct Investment."

Julie Martin.  "The Pull Factors of Female Immigration."

Natalie McCauley.  "Working, Not Walking, For Water: How Empowering Women Improves Access to Clean Water in Developing Nations."

Kaja B. Niewiarowska.  "A Global Study of Human Trafficking Legislation: Causes and Effects."

Adriana Stephan.  "The Rise of the Far Right: A Subregional Analysis of Front National Support in France."

Jonathan Tan.  "Dulce et Decorum Est: A Study of Conflict, Democracy, and Contingent Consent."

Marina Valentini.  "The Impact of Party Orientation on Political Risk and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows."

Cathy Zhu.  "Money Doesn't Buy Friendship: Trade Effects on Political Cooperation."

2015 Politics Honors Theses

Matheus Amaral.  "Evaluating the Effects of Wealth on Corruption in Brazilian Municipalities: An IV Design."

Alex Hasapidis.  "Oil Reserves and Public Policy in the U.S. States."

Nadia Kale.  "The Effect of India's Gender Quota in Local Government on Rates of Reporting Rapes of Womem from Scheduled Castes and Tribes."

John Kurtz. "Crisis and Crime: Examining the Effect of Macroeconomic Condition on Criminal Activity During the Great Recession."

Jaclyn Kaslovsky.  "The Effect of Education on Ideological Polarization in the U.S. Congress: An Instrument Variable Analysis."

Raeesa Imraan Munshi.  "Reading Between the Phone Lines: The Impact of Mobile Phone Penetration on Literacy in South Africa."

Alida Pecanin.  "The Effect of Winning Coalition Size on Human Rights Protections: An Instrumental Variable Analysis."

Brittany Sherman. "The Effect of Increases in the Federal Minimum Wage on Domestic Violence Rates: A Difference in Differences Analysis."

Amber Smoczyk.  "Internal Peace Through Trade?  The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Domestic Conflict."

Kevin Zhang.  "Estimating Self-Censorship on Social Media in China: A Survey Experiment."

Chiara Giuseppina Eramo.  "How Do Different Types of FDI Affect Democracy?"

2014 IR Theses
Mary Jane Ajodah: “ Pay | Back: Examining the Effect of Political Instability on the Probability of Sovereign Default.”

Zia Bauer: " Electoral Rules and Public Goods Outcomes in Brazilian Municipalities."

Jane Chen: " International Aid Relief Following Natural Disasters Given Based on Humanitarian Concern or Policy Concern?."

David Esmati: " Ethnicity, Corruption and Voting Behavior in Afghanistan."

Myung Eun (Marianne) Lee. " Not for Sale: Assessing the Socio-Political Implications of Water Privatization in Developing Nations."

Sameer Jaywant. " Military Rule & Economic Growth in Post-Independence Counterfactual Approach Uganda: A Synthetic."

Eric Jones: “ Civil Disaster:The Risk of Civil War in the Wake of Natural Disaster.”

Dylan Yalbir. " Autocratic Depositions and Human Rights."

2013 IR Theses

Fionnuala Seiferth. "Chinese Infrastructure Aid and Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Aid to Secure Access to Natural Resources."

Grace Paras. "All Politics is Local: Mayoral Party Affiliations and Labor Unrest in Mexico."

John Aldrich. "Economic Voting and the National Front: Towards a Subregional Understanding of the Extreme-Right Vote in France."

Justina Lee. "Voting on Wall Street: Effects of the 2012 Presidential Election on Equity Markets."

Marcus Chiu. "Firing Up The Right."

Melissa Ho. "The Dollar Sign Trumps All: The Impact of Strategic Rivalry on Bilateral Trade."

Thomas Hasenzagl. "Party Ideology, Elections and the Exchange Rate: A Regression Discontinuity Design."

2012 IR Theses

Tess Manning. "Which Nations like BITs Best?"

Sasha Parameswaran. "The Effect Of the 2006 Agricultural Input Subsidy Program on Malawian Agricultural Productivity and General Social Welfare"

Tamar Mitts. "Targeting and the Spatial Spread of Insurgent Violence A Study on Jammu and Kashmir, India"

Talya Bobick. "Leader Change and the World Trade Organization" 

Ksenija Matijevic. "After the Storm, Before the Calm"

Charmaine Chua. "Governments and Unintentional Mortality: A Study of Traffic Accidents"

Nisha Giridhar. "The Global Spread of Domestic Violence Legislation: Causes and Effects"

2011 IR Theses

Kenneth Hsu.  "Does More Transparency Mean Less Politics?: Partisan Influence on SEC Enforcement and the Impact of the 1996 Freedom of Information Act Amendments."

Kevin Orszak.  "The Effects of Judicial Opinion on Public Support for Same-sex Marriage."

Lindsay Firestone.  "Politics and the Arts: A Question of Executive Importance?"

Cal Gilmartin.  "What Black and Blue and Read All Over?: Polarization and the Media."

2011 Politics Honors Theses
Brenda Hwang.  "Rethinking Judicial Independence."

Yevgeniya Kachan.  " Does Voting Matter?  A Look at Whether Voters are Better Represented than Non-Voters by their Senators.

Clare Richardson.  "Relative Deprivation Theory in Terrorism: A Study of Higher Education and Unemployment as Predictors of Terrorism."

2010 IR Theses

Mehta-Rao, Sonali. "The Restructuring of Economies under IMF Programs: A Sectoral Analysis."

Min, Eric. "Dead or Deposed: The Effects of Assassinations and Coups on Political Institutions."

Siegel, Kelly. "UN Intervention in Civil War and Post-Conflict Economic Recovery."

Yesildag, Muge. "The United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Does the Amount of UN Peacekeeping Personnel and Funding Significantly Affect the Success of the UN Peacekeeping Operations?"

Zhou, Yang-Yang. "Within Borders, Without Refuge: The Effect of Property Restitution Rights on the Resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons."

2007 IR Theses

Ekey, Amanda. "The Effect of the Refugee Experience on Terrorist Activity."

Leigh, Michael. "Implementation of Democracy and the Duration of Peace After Civil War."

Mees, Angela. "The Effect of US Foreign Aid Allocations on Anti-American Sentiment."

Skiles, Ashley. "International Compliance and the Mine Ban Treaty."

Smith, McKensey. "To End an Epidemic: A Study of Foreign Aid and HIV/AIDS."

Zunger, Nurit. "Anti-immigrant Sentiment and the Radicalization of the Muslim Population in Western Europe."

2007 Politics Honors Theses
Annette Mullaney. " The Effects of IMF Programs on Women."

Kazuto Ohtsuki. " Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements and Political Survival of the Democratic Leaders."

Holly Williams. " Ethnicity Reconstruction: The Effect of Immigration on Ethnic-Linguistic Fractionalization in Latin America."

Andres Felipe Torres. " Electoral Systems and Ethnic Identity: A Constructivist Approach."

James F. Cornwell. " Conditional Relationships and Civil War."

2006 Politics Honors Theses

Kristen Ellis. " United States’ Foreign Aid Policy and the Foreign-Born Lobby."

Muhammad S. Kabir. " The effect of leadership change on military disputes."

Natalie Kaminsky. " The Differential Impact of Gender Inequality on Male and Female International Migration." [ Appendicies]

Corey Sullivan. " The Implementation of Microfinance: Where is it Applied and Why? The Effect of Political Institutions on the Implementation of Microfinance."

Jessica Yoo. " An Analysis of the 2000 Presidential Term: The Effects of Presidential Approval on the use of Fear Related Messages" [ References] [ Appendix A] [ Appendix B]

2005 Politics Honors Theses

Shawna Meechan. " Ethnic and Religious Polarization and Their Effects on Civil War Duration."

Sipoura Barzideh. " The Development of Prisonsers' Rights in the Court of Appeals, 1960-1996." [ Appendix A]

Vladimir Kocheulov. " Analysis of the influence of Group Coordination in religiously polarized countries on the incidence of ethnic civil war."

Janine Panchok-Berry. " The Correlation Between Resource Dependence and Electoral Competitiveness in African States."

Ben Ruzow. " Throwing out the Bums: A study of the behavioral effects of term limits in state legislatures"

Jennifer Schramm. “ The Effect of Congressional Preferences on the Composition of the Supreme Court’s Docket

2004 Politics Honors Theses

Patricia Astorga. “ Women in Professional and Managerial Occupations and Female Political Representation in the House of Representatives

Yanilda Gonzalez. “ The Relationship Between Democracy and Public Services in Latin America: A Search for Causal Factors” [ Tables]

Laura Lewis. “ Seeking Legitimacy: The Construction of Banking Laws in Porfirian Mexico and The Brazilian First Republic

Shaun McElhenny. “ Minimalist Conception of Democracy: A Normative Analysis

Joseph Philip. “ Perfectionism, Neutrality and Work Requirements

2004 Politics Honors Theses

Ty Amass. " Empirical Evaluation of Political Ideology as Motivated Social Cognition"

James Bain. " Globalization and Public Opinion: Characterizing the Opposition"

Alexander Cohen. " The Realities of Justice: Congress, Litigants, and the Supreme Court"

Bryce Greenstein. " How to Fund a Civil War: Natural Resource Lootability and Civil War Duration"

Jeremy Hosein. " Advantaging Celebrity Marginals: From Public Figures to Public Office"

Michael McFarland. " Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Conflicts: The Significance of Third-Party Guarantees"

Delilah Rothenberg. " The Persistence of Colonial Institutions in the Modern Political Economy"

Yeugenia Shvets. " Immigration Politics in France: The Effect of Foreigners on Electoral Results"

2003 Politics Honors Theses

Goldberg, Ben." Discourse of Religion on Politics in Israel: The Compatibility of Judaism and Democracy"

Kaufman, Elizabeth. " Punitive Damages: A Review, Evaluation, and Critique of Current Practices and Proposals for Reform"

Emilee Rauschenberger. " It’s Only a Movie – Right?: Deconstructing Cultural Imperialism"

2003 Politics Honors Theses

Ahn, Sue-Yun. " Citizenship Colored Asian American Immigration and the Legal Constructions of White National Identity"

Ferrer, Meghan. " The Impact of Institutions: Do Veto Players Influence Regime Duration?"

Chapman, Suzanna. " What is the relative effect on illegal immigration as a function of domestic enforcement versus stimulation of a foreign government’s economy?"

McCarthy, Ryan. "Creative Destruction? Deindustrialization in American Steel Communities" [ Title] [ Body] [ Figures] [ Works Cited]

Miller, Kathleen. "Changing Perspectives: The Supreme Court’s Journey Towards a More Conservative Approach to the Takings Clause"  [ Title] [ Body]

Tramposch, Alyssa. "The Incarceration of TheAmerican Voter: The Effects of Felon Disenfranchisement Laws on the Democratic Party’s Ability to Win Elections" [ Title] [ Body] [ Appendix]

2002 Politics Honors Theses

Nobrega, Mariah. " The Impact of Determinants on the Outcome of Economic Sanctions"

Thesis Proposals
Spring 2004

Sa'ad Ahmad. “ The Politics of Outsourcing in the U.S. and U.K. Medical and Accounting Industries

Tabassum Ali. “ Explaining the Variation in Health Outcomes Across Autocracies

David Beach. “Military Resources and State Voting Behavior in the United Nations General Assembly”
[ Proposal] [ Bibliography]

Michael Carucci. " The Vote from the Pews: An Analysis of the 2000 Presidential Election"

Jason Dunietz. " The War on Terrorism and U.S. Bilateral Alliances"

Justin Goldbach. “ The Political Preferences of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Voters

Vladimir Kocheulov. “Religious Polarization and Ethnic Civil Wars: The Role of Group Coordination”

Laura Lewis. “ Pre- and Post-Colonial Political Institutions and Economic Growth in the Americas

Shaun McElhenny. “ Minimalist Democratic Theory: A Normative Analysis

Jessica Medwed. “Simulating Economic Affirmative Action in College Admissions”

Janine Panchok-Berry. “ Resource Wealth and Electoral Competitiveness in African Politics

Jennifer Schramm. “ The Effect of Congressional Preferences on the Composition of the Supreme Court’s Docket

Yan Xiao. " Rainfall, Economic Shocks and Civil Conflicts in the Agrarian Countries of the World"

Michelle Yuen. “ The Role of U.S. Business Interests in Foreign Aid Distributions