Strategic Planning and Policy

In today’s rapidly changing and chaotic world, the need for effective strategic planning is greater than ever. Strategic planning is based on analytical processes and methodologies that are fundamentally different from those taught in academic programs and graduates lack the practical “real world” skills sought by employers, who are hesitant to hire them. The initial period of employment thus becomes a difficult process of on-the-job training. The course will teach the methodologies and skills required for real world policy planning, increasing students’ prospects of employment and making them useful employees from the start. The course is highly practical, a nearly real-world policy planning workshop. In the role of senior decision-makers from countries of their choice, students will draft policy papers and formulate recommendations from the perspective of the actual leaders in power. The need to consider matters in this light, from the real world leaders’ perspective, not what students believe to be right, often has a transformational impact on students’ thinking. The heart of the course is class discussion, in which students engage in a directed critique of each other’s draft policy papers, much as is done in senior planning forums, as part of a collaborative effort to help improve the final paper.

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Spring 2018

Charles Freilich
F: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM BOBS LL148