Global Ph.D.

Since fall 2015 we have been accepting applications for graduate tracks at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai. Successful applicants will work with the faculty members in NYU AD and NYU SH toward their Ph.D. degrees from NYU. For more information on NYU's Ph.D. program (including instructions, forms, deadlines, and FAQs) and to complete an application, please visit the GSAS Application Resource Center . Additional information on the Physics Ph.D. program is available here.


NYU Abu Dhabi Ph.D. Program in Physics

Students with a bachelor degree may apply using the NYU GSAS online application to apply for the Global Ph.D. program. All documentation and application fees will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Exceptional students who identify a strong interest in the fields of research offered at NYU Abu Dhabi will be shortlisted for interview by NYU and NYUAD faculty. If a student is successful in this process and offered a doctoral position, the student will have the opportunity to start collaborating with NYU Abu Dhabi faculty prior to the commencement of the first year of course work at NYUNY.

Students who successfully complete their course work and pass qualifying examinations will move to Abu Dhabi for the research phase of the doctoral program. At NYUAD students will work in world-class facilities in a purpose-built campus on Saadiyat Island with faculty who are leaders in their fields. In close consultation with NYUAD and NYUNY faculty, students will follow a carefully designed plan of study to optimize the time they spend conducting course work in New York.

Physics Ph.D. candidates will be expected to complete the Ph.D. in a total of four years: one year of course work in New York and three years of research in Abu Dhabi. Global Ph.D. Fellows will be admitted with a four year funding package which provides full coverage of housing costs in Abu Dhabi, and a rental contribution in NY, tuition, fees, health insurance in both New York and Abu Dhabi, as well as travel support and an additional stipend. For more information about the program, see NYU Abu Dhabi Ph.D. Program in Physics.


NYU Shanghai Ph.D. Program in Physics

NYU Shanghai doctoral training program in physics builds on the key strengths of the physics faculty at NYU Shanghai, in particular condensed matter physics, fluid dynamics, and atomic molecular optics/quantum information. Both theoretical and experimental programs are offered. Students in the Shanghai track will normally spend one year at NYU in New York for course work before joining NYU Shanghai full time to work with their advisor on their Ph.D. thesis research. While in NYU Shanghai, students will continue to receive broad exposure to the field of physics, maintaining close ties with New York, and receiving an NYU Ph.D. in Physics. NYU Shanghai graduate students in physics will also be involved in The NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai, a joint institute between NYU and East China Normal University. The institute features an active visitor program, a regular seminar series, and conferences and workshops, particularly in the areas of laser spectroscopy, quantum condensed matter, quantum manipulation and information, and precision measurements.

Students in the NYU Shanghai track must satisfy all requirements of the NYU Physics Ph.D. program. All candidates for the Ph.D. degree must complete 72 points of credit, at least 32 in residence at the Graduate School, and achieve a grade point average (GPA) of B (3.0) or better. Students are encouraged to enter into dissertation research under the supervision of a faculty member as soon as one has attained sufficient mastery of the fundamental principles and techniques of physics. Application to the NYU Shanghai Track Doctoral Program in Physics is done online on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences site. During the application, students interested in the Shanghai track must select the Shanghai campus. Applicants who choose the Shanghai track must indicate in their essays their research interests and also the faculty at NYU Shanghai they would most like to work with for their dissertation. Additional questions should be directed to Yiluo Zhang (, Office of Graduate and Special Program at NYU Shanghai, or Prof. Tim Byrnes ( For more information about the program, see NYU Shanghai Ph.D. Program in Physics.