Global Pathways Philosophy Abroad

Why study Philosophy abroad?
Whether cultural differences have any proper bearing on the treatment of philosophical problems is itself a philosophical problem. What is clear is that the opportunity to reflect on such differences can be a valuable part of a philosophical education. The Philosophy Department tries to balance two objectives in its course offerings abroad: first to offer courses that are sufficiently continuous with those offered in NYU-NY to allow students to continue their progress in the Major or Minor, but second to offer courses that are distinctly flavored by the country in which they are taught.

Where can I go?
Philosophy courses are offered at two sites abroad, London and Paris. At each site there are two philosophy courses each Fall and Spring semester.

What courses are offered abroad?

At NYU London:

Fall semesters:


Central Problems of Philosophy                    




Spring semesters:





At NYU Paris:

Fall semesters:


Minds and Machines*


Political Philosophy


Spring semesters:


History of French Philosophy**


Philosophy of Language

How will these courses count towards a Philosophy Major or Minor?
The courses will count towards Major or Minor requirements just as their NYU-NY courses do, with the following exceptions:

*Minds and Machines may be counted either as an Introductory course, or as satisfying the Major requirement of (Philosophy of Mind or Consciousness or Philosophy of Language) or the Minor requirement of one course in Group 3.

**History of French Philosophy may be counted as satisfying the Major requirement of History of Modern Philosophy.

Note: Because Philosophy courses in London and Paris need to be available to non-Majors or –Minors as well, the usual prerequisite of an Introductory course in Philosophy (which would apply to all of these courses except Central Problems in Philosophy and Minds and Machines) is not enforced.