Statement of Departmental Admissions Policy in the Wake of the Recent Executive Order on Immigration

The New York Times reported on January 28 that an Iranian student of philosophy was concerned that she would be unable to enroll at NYU because of President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration. As members of the NYU Philosophy Department, we greet this report with great dismay. The free movement of people and ideas across national borders is central to the academic mission of NYU and other research universities. Our department is a scholarly community whose faculty and graduate and undergraduate students come from many different countries. Our ability to attract the most talented students and faculty from throughout the world is essential if we are to sustain a department of the highest quality. Although the Philosophy Department has no direct role in undergraduate admissions, we are responsible for reviewing applications to graduate philosophy programs. In exercising that responsibility, we continue to welcome applications from prospective students wherever they may reside, and we will evaluate those applications using the same merit-based criteria that we have always applied. While we cannot control the immigration policies of the United States government, we will do everything in our power to enable the students we have admitted to enroll at NYU, and we will offer those who do enroll our full support while they are here.