Ph.D. Requirements for Good Standing

  • University requirements must be met. To be in good standing, the Graduate School requires that students maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have successfully completed 66 percent of credits attempted while at NYU, not including the current semester. Courses with grades of incomplete, W, and F are not considered successfully completed. MacCrackens must maintain a 3.3 average in order to keep their fellowships.
  • There are strict departmental and university requirements governing incompletes. When an incomplete is issued, the University requires that the student must complete the course within twelve months of the beginning of the course, if the grade is not to convert to an F. For departmental requirements, see the department’s September 1, 2010 policy on incompletes.
  • Successful completion of the third-year review by the end of the fifth semester.
  • Successful completion of the prospectus defense by the fourteenth week of the seventh semester. The thesis prospectus examination should satisfy the committee that the candidate can write a passing thesis meeting the description in the candidate's submitted prospectus.
  • Normally, cumulative average grade of A- after the end of the second year.
  • Successful completion of 3 philosophy courses by the Course Completion Date of the second semester in residence; of 6 philosophy courses by the Course Completion Date of the third semester; of 8 philosophy courses by the Course Completion Date of the fourth semester; and of 11 philosophy courses by the Course Completion Date of the fifth semester. The Course Completion Date in the fall semester is the first day of term; in the spring semester it is the beginning of the sixth week of classes.
  • The University requires that students who fail the university or departmental criteria for good standing be placed on academic probation. For details about academic probation, see

A student who is not in good standing is not eligible to teach or assist in any course (regular or summer) starting in the term after the student has lost good standing.


Meaning of Grades


A- GOOD: It is expected that this will be the most common grade