Dual Degree Master of Arts in Philosophy and Juris Doctorate

Students at the New York University School of Law may pursue an M.A.-J.D. dual degree program in philosophy and law. The School of Law requires 83 credits of study for the J.D. However, in the dual degree program, up to 12 law school credits for courses in the GSAS may be applied in satisfaction of this requirement. The M.A. requires 32 points of course work, but 8 points taken in the School of Law may be applied to the M.A. Thus a student need only earn a total of 95 points for the dual degree rather than the 115 needed if the degrees were completed separately. All other requirements of the M.A. as listed above must also be met. Requirements for the J.D. degree can be found at law.nyu.edu/admissions. It should be possible to complete the J.D./M.A. in three or three and a half years.