Dual Degree Doctor of Philosophy and Juris Doctorate

Students at the New York University School of Law may pursue a Ph.D./J.D. dual degree program in philosophy and law. The School of Law requires 83 credits of study for the J.D. However, in the dual degree program, up to 12 points for courses in GSAS may be applied in satisfaction of this requirement. The Ph.D. requires 72 points. However, in the dual degree program, credit for up to eight one-term courses in the School of Law may be applied toward the Ph.D. Therefore, the dual degree may be completed with as few as of 111 points instead of the 155 needed if both degrees were done separately. All other requirements for both degrees must be met. It should be possible to complete the Ph.D./J.D. in six or seven years. Requirements for the JD/PhD program can be found here.