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Events 2016-2017

Fall 2016

September 23: Virginia Valian, (Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center), "Still Too Slow: The Advancement of Women"

September 26: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Elizabeth Fricker (Magdalen College, Oxford), "Inference to the Best Explanation and the Receipt of Testimony: Testimonial Reductionism Vindicated"

September 29: Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness Events: Brian Nosek (University of Virginia); Jason Mitchell (Harvard University), Debate: "Do replication projects cast doubt on many published results in psychology?"

October 3: SWIP-Analytic: Berit Brogaard, Professor and Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research (University of Miami), SWIP presents: "In defense of hearing meanings"

October 7: General Colloquium: Fiona MacPherson (Glasgow), "Redefining Illusion and Hallucination in Light of New Cases"

October 14 – October 15: Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness 2016 Conference: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

October 28: General Colloquium: Craig Callender (UCSD), "Time Lost, Time Regained"

November 11 – November 12: 2016 Conference on Issues in Modern Philosophy

November 18: Brown Bag Talk: Michael Caie (University of Pittsburgh), "Agreement and Updating for Self-Locating Belief"

November 18: General Colloquium: Zoltan Szabo (Yale), "Semantic Categories"

December 9: Conference, Mini-Workshop in Philosophy of Physics

December 10– December 11: Ancient Philosophy Conference, Workshop on Aristotle's Metaphysics

Spring 2017

February 10: New York Institute of Philosophy Biennial Public Lecture: Gideon Rosen (Princeton University), “Rage Against the Machine: Anger as a Political Emotion”

February 23: Undergraduate Majors Open House: Philosophers Watch TV Too. Come find out why

February 24: Annual Diversity Lecture: Sally Haslanger (MIT), "Increasing Diversity by Thinking Differently? Reflections on Philosophical Method."

March 1: Rebecca Goldstein, "What Am I Doing, And Why: A Dialogue between Philosophy and English"

March 23: NYU Ethics Forum: Jada Strabbing (Fordham University), "Responsibility and Normative Moral Theories"

March 24: General Colloquium: Jennifer Nagel (Toronto), "Attitudes and Biases, Implicit and Explicit"

April 1: 17th Annual NYU-Columbia Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Keynote: Karen Jones (University of Melbourne)

April 7: Department Colloquium: Hannah Ginsborg (Berkeley), "Going On As One Ought: Kripke and Wittgenstein on the Normativity of Meaning"

April 17: Center for Mind, Brain & Consciousness Debate: Is There Unconscious Perception?

April 14: Brown Bag Talk: Tim Button (Cambridge University), "Internal categoricity and internal realism in the philosophy of mathematics"

April 20: NYU Ethics Forum: Liam Murphy (NYU), "Illusory Moral Rules: How Law Misleads us about Morality"

April 21: Department Colloquium: Johann Frick (Princeton), "Conditional Reasons and the Procreation Asymmetry"

April 22: A Conference Celebrating the Work of Stephen Schiffer

April 28: Annual Mala Kamm Lecture: Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto), "More Seriously Wrong, More Importantly Right"

May 3: NYU Ethics Forum: Andrew Franklin-Hall (University of Toronto), ""Remaining True to Ourselves: Dementia, Value Change, and Well-Being"

May 10: Brown Bag Lunch Talk: Hans-Johann Glock (University of Zurich), "Indeterminacy of content: the really hard problem about animal intentionality"

May 12-13: Center for Mind, Brain & Consciousness Event:  Head CASE: Consciousness and Semantic Externalism

May 20-21: New York Institute of Philosophy Workshop: Metaphysics in Higher-Order Languages

Events 2015-2016

Fall 2015

September 11: General Colloquium: John Kulvicki (Dartmouth), Auditory Perspectives

September 25: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Julia Wise, Effective Altruism

October 2: General Colloquium: Joseph Raz (2015 Mala Kamm Lecture), Intention and Value

October 9: General Colloquium: Sarah-Jane Leslie (2015 Diversity Lecture), Cultures of Genius: Why women are underrepresented in certain academic disciplines

October 16: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Tamar Gendler (Yale), Self-Regulation: A Recipe Book for Foragers

October 23: General Colloquium: Miranda Fricker (University of Sheffield), Epistemic Agent-Regret

October 30: General Colloquium: Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University), Potential infinity: a modal account

November 6 – November 7:  2015 Modern Philosophy Conference: God

November 20: General Colloquium: Susanna Rinard, Skepticism and Doxastic Adventures

December 4: Bioethics Talk: Law Adam Kolber (Brooklyn Law School), A Bioethical Challenge to Retributive Punishment

December 10: Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness Events: Gabrielle Starr (NYU, English) and Alva Noë (UC Berkeley, Philosophy), Debate, "Can Neuroscience Help Us Understand Art?"

December 11: General Colloquium: Jamie Dreier (Brown), World-Centered Value

Spring 2016

January 29: General Colloquium: Daniel Viehoff (Sheffield), Authority and Instrumentalization

February 1: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Louise Hanson (Cambridge), The Real Problem with Evolutionary Debunking Arguments

February 1: New York Philosophy of Language Workshop: Frank Pupa (Nassau Community College), Getting Between: Names, Articles, and Restrictors

February 4: Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness Debate: Susan Carey (Harvard, Psychology) and Jesse Prinz (CUNY, Philosophy), "Are There Innate Concepts?"

February 5: General Colloquium: Vida Yao (University of North Carolina), Grace & Graciousness: Goodness in Loving the Bad

February 8: General Colloquium: Harvey Lederman (NYU), Frege’s Puzzle & the Limits of Propositional Attitude Psychology

February 12: General Colloquium: Daniel Putnam (Yale University), Expression and Recognition

February 19: General Colloquium: Alexander Prescott-Couch (University of Chicago), Deliberation Through Misrepresentation

February 26: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Peter Railton (U. of Michigan), Intuition and Intuitions (Pt. 1)

March 1: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Peter Railton (U. of Michigan), Intuition and Intuitions (Pt. 2)

March 4: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Peter Railton (U. of Michigan), Intuition and Intuitions (Pt. 3)

March 7: General Colloquium: Nilanjan Das (MIT), Knowledge and Moral Worth

March 9: General Colloquium: Lu Teng (Cornell), Cognitive Penetration, Inferentialism, and Bayesian Perception

March 23: General Colloquium: Rebecca Goldstein, The Strange History of Spinoza's Literary Influence

April 1: General Colloquium: Örsan Öymen (Isik University, Istanbul), Scepticism in Sextus, Hume and Nietzsche

April 8: General Colloquium: Amia Srinivasan (All Souls College, Oxford), Radical externalism

April 22: General Colloquium: Jenann Ismael (U. of Arizona), Fishtanks, Kaleidoscopes, Quantum Mechanics, and Space-time

May 10: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Sean Carroll (Caltech), Quantum Field Theory and the Limits of Knowledge

May 13 – May 14: Ancient Philosophy Conference, 2nd Annual NYU Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

Events 2014-2015

Fall 2014

September 12: 2014 Mala Kamm Lecture: Lydia Goehr (Columbia), Reading Danto’s Red Squares as a Political Thought Experiment, Or, “Catching the Conscience of our Kings”

September 26: General Colloquium: Taneli Kukkonen (Otago, NYU Abu Dhabi), "Averroes on Infinite Time"

October 3: 2014 Diversity Lecture: Timothy McKay, (University of Michigan)

October 17: General Colloquium: Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), "Group Lies"

November 14: General Colloquium: Alex Byrne (MIT), "Knowing that I am in pain"

Spring 2015

March 6: General Colloquium: Kieran Setiya (MIT), "Selfish Reasons"

April 10: General Colloquium: Angelica Kratzer (Amherst), "Deconstructing attitude reports: in search of a center"

April 27: New York Institute of Philosophy Event: Francis Wolff (ENS, Paris), "What is Music?" Panel discussion with Paul Boghossian (NYU/NYIP) and Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University).

EVENTS 2013-2014

General Colloquia

September 13: Anja Jauernig (Pittsburgh), "A place for monads in Kant's theoretical philosophy"

September 27: Jochen Briesen (Universität Konstanz), "Is Kant (W)right? — On Kant’s Regulative Ideas and Wright’s Entitlements"

October 4: Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto), "Peirce and Ramsey on Truth and Norms"

November 15: Maya Eddon (UMass, Amherst), "No Work for a Theory of Universals"

January 31: Malcolm Forster, "The Principle of Common Cause in a Quantum World without Hidden Variables"

February 3: Brad Weslake, "Why Think Causally?"

February 7: Han van Wietmarschen, "Political Liberalism and Political Community"

February 14: Nicolas Bommarito, "Emotion and Inner Virtue"

February 21: Patricio A. Fernandez, "A Realistic Practical Conclusion"

February 28: Thomas Reydon, "What would be a good naturalist’s version of realism about kinds?"

March 14: Galen Strawson (Reading), "Identity metaphysics and the primacy of panpsychism"

April 28,: Marko Malink (University of Chicago), "Essence and Modality in Aristotle"

May 2: Huw Price (Cambridge), "'Here' is the tip of the iceberg"

May 9: Ralph Wedgwood (USC), "The Pitfalls of Reasons"

New York Institute of Philosophy Lectures

April 18, 22, and 25: Inaugural Lecturer: Stephen Yablo (MIT), "Topics and Topicology"

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Sentences “express” propositions and are “about” topics, or subject matters. These two types of semantic correlate have traditionally been treated separately. But it is possible to combine them into a single object, a so-called directed proposition. A theory of directed propositions is developed and applied to issues such as asserted content, conditionals, desire, and obligation.

Brown Bag Lunches

September 27: Jochen Briesen (University of Konstanz) "Is Kant (W)right? On Kant's Regulative Ideas and Wright's Entitlements" View paper.

EVENTS 2012-2013

General Colloquia

October 5: Anandi Hattiangadi, "The Fundamentality of Intentionality".

October 12: Kris McDaniel, "Degrees of Being".

October 26: Susanna Siegel, "Can Selection Effects on Experience Influence its Rational Role?

December 7: Delia Graff Fara, "Circularity is No Problem for Predicativism".

February 1: Jonardon Ganeri, "Self-Representation and the Memory of One’s Subjective Past: A Proposal in Buddhist Philosophy of Mind"

February 8: Kevin Coffey, "Interpretation and Equivalence in Classical Gravitation"

February 15: Jacob Chandler, "Reasons to Believe and Reasons to Not"

March 1: Whitney Schwab

March 8: Gabriel Rabin, "Conceptual Mastery and the Knowledge Argument"

April 5: Niko Kolodny, "Rule over None: Social Equality and the Value of Democracy"

April 26: Andrew Chignell, "Kantian ways of knowing (and not-knowing)"

May 10: 2013 Mala Kamm Lecture, given by Susan Wolf, "Responsibility, Moral and Otherwise"

Brown Bag Lunches

September 14: Pierre Jacob (Institut Nicod), "A Puzzle for Belief-Ascription"

October 5: Anandi Hattiangadi

October 29: Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm University), "Why mental content is not transparent - and why it does not matter"

November 2: Geoffrey Hellman, "Modal-structural resolution of set-theoretic paradoxes"

Special Lecture

November 6: Alison Gopnik (Psychology, Berkeley), "Why children are better causal learners than adults are: Search, temperature and the origins of human cognition."

May 13th: Lizzie Fricker (Magdalen College, Oxford), "Intellectual Self-Trust and Trust in Others - an Argument from Analogy?"

Events 2010-2011

General Colloquia

October 1: Karen Bennett (Cornell/NYU visiting), “Building and Causing”

October 22: Mark Schroeder (USC), “Attitudes and Epistemics”

November 19: Marc Lange (UNC), “Explanation in Mathematics”

February 11: Rachael Briggs (Sydney/NYU visiting), “How to be conciliatory, but not so conciliatory your brain falls out”

February 25: Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers), “Necessitarian Propositions”

March 4: Sally Haslanger (MIT), “Social Structure and Social Injustice”

March 25: Anthony Gillies (Rutgers), “Hedging Your ‘If’s and Vice Versa”

April 29: Shelly Kagan (Yale), “The Paradox of Methods”

Brown Bag Lunches

September 17: Kevin O'Regan (Director, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Institut Paris Descartes de Neurosciences et Cognition), “Feeling: why red looks red rather than sounding like a bell”

December 3: Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), “A Finean Semantic-Relationist Approach to Opacity”

April 1: Berys Gaut (St. Andrews), “Creativity and Rationality”

April 4: Zach Weber (University of Melbourne), “Paraconsistent Vagueness”

April 22: Richard Pettigrew (University of Bristol), “Accuracy, Chance, and the Principal Principle”

May 6: Tuomas Tahko (University of Helsinki, “The Epistemology of Essence”

Bioethics Talks

October 8: Evelyn Fox Keller,“Climate Gridlock: Science, Politics, and Credibility”

October 28: Bioethics and Environmental Science Climate Ethics Book Launch Panel. Humanities Initiative Building.

November 5: Thomas Pogge (Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University, Research Director, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo), “Making Medicines Accessible For All: The Health Impact Fund as a Model of Structural Reform”

February 4: Adrienne Asch & David Wasserman (Center for Yeshiva), “Does Prenatal Therapy Raise the Same Concerns as Prenatal Selection?”

March 5: Bioethics and Environmental Science “Valuing Lives” Conference. King Juan Carlos Center.

April 1: Frances Kamm (Harvard University)

April 15: Larry Temkin (Rutgers University), “Is Living Longer Living Better?”

Special Lectures

November 4:  Amartya Sen (Harvard), Lewis Burke Frumkes Lecture. “Global Justice and Political Philosophy”

April 8: Stephen Darwall (Yale), Mala Kamm Memorial Lecture in Value Theory. “Morality's Distinctiveness”

April 11: NYUAD Series on Tolerance: “The Meaning of Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration”
Speakers: John Dunn (Cambridge), Ingrid Creppell (George Washington)

EVENTS 2009-2010

General Colloquia

September 18: Rolf-Peter Horstmann (Humboldt), “The Limited Significance of Self-Consciousness”

October 16: Verity Harte (Yale), “Audience Psychology in Plato Republic 10"

February 19: Christine Korsgaard (Harvard), “Reflections on the Evolution of Morality"

March 5: John Broome (Oxford), “Instrumental Reasoning”

April 16: John Hawthorne (Oxford)

Brown Bag Lunches

September 25: Frederieke Moltmann

October 2: Frederieke Moltmann

February 12: Dominic Murphy. “Why There's No Such Thing As Introspection”

May 7: Jérôme Sackur. “Phenomenality as a psychological construct”

Bioethics Talks

September 24: Martin Bunzl (Rutgers), “Us versus Them—Carbon Output in the Developing World”  

October 9: Onora O'Neill (Cambridge), “Making Reason Public: Necessary Conditions for Dialogue and Discourse— Rawls, Habermas and Kant”

October 23: Anja Karnein, "Should We Genetically Manipulate Future Persons?”

November 20:  James Griffin (Oxford, Rutgers), “Ethics Naturalized.”

March 12:  S. Matthew Liao (NYU), “Intentions and Moral Permissibility.”

March 26: Jeff McMahan (Rutgers), “Identity, Animalism, and the Varieties of Conjoined Twinning.” 4–6pm “Gene Therapy, Cognitive Disability, and Abortion.”

April 14:  Benjamin Sachs (NYU), “Six Sacred Cows of Research Ethics" and Riggins R. Earl, Jr. (National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care, Tuskegee), “Monroe N. Work’s Ethical Challenges as a Social Science Researcher: Racism, Classism, and Blacks’ Public Health Crisis”

Special Lectures

October 21: Hartry Field (NYU), Inaugural University Professorship Lecture: “Revising Our Logic”

November 16:Nancy Cartwright (UCSD, LSE), Lewis Burke Frumkes Lecture.

December 4:Ned Hall (Harvard), Sosin Lecture: “Humean reductionism about laws of nature”

April 9: Gideon Rosen (Princeton), Sosin Lecture: “Coercion, Manipulation and the Limits of Responsibility”  

April 23:Seana Shiffrin (UCLA), Mala Kamm Memorial Lecture in Value Theory: “Lies and the Murderer at the Door”

EVENTS 2008-2009

September 19: Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers)

October 3: Rae Langton (MIT)

October 17: Stephen Yablo (MIT)

October 31: Paul Egré (Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris), "Vagueness, Uncertainty and Degrees of Clarity"

February 6: Farid Masrour (NYU), "Experience and the Representation of Objectivity"

February 13: Peter Godfrey-Smith (Harvard), "Inductive Inference and Natural Kinds"

March 27: Mark Richard (Tufts), "Did I Mention What He Said?"

April 10: Frédérique De Vignenont (Institut Jean-Nicod), "Bodily self-ascription"

April 17: Tim Bayne (Oxford), "The reach of phenomenal consciousness"

April 24: Alan Code (Rutgers), "An Aristotelian Puzzle About the Being of Fundamental Objects"

EVENTS 2007-2008

October 12: Ursula Coope (Oxford), "Why isn't continence enough for practical wisdom?"

October 26: Sarah Moss (MIT), "On the pragmatics of counterfactuals"

November 16: David Enoch (Hebrew University), "Not just a truthometer: Taking oneself seriously (but not too seriously) in cases of peer disagreement"

February 29: Gilbert Harman (Princeton), "Guilt Free Morality"

May 2: Onora O'Neill (Cambridge), "Naturalism, Normativity, and Applied Philosophy"

EVENTS 2006-2007

September 15: Gabriel Richardson Lear (U Chicago), "Plato on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Doing One Thing"

October 6: Stephen Finlay (USC), "Oughts and Ends"

October 20: Robert Pasnau (Colorado), "Enduring Matter"

November 3: David Sosa (U Texas)

November 10-11: Issues in Modern Philosophy Conference

November 17: Hilary Greaves (Rutgers), "How to Live Without Uncertainty"

January 19: Chris Meacham (NYU), "Three Proposals Regarding a Theory of Chance"

January 26: Anna Alexandrova (Washington University in St Louis), "Making Models Count"

February 23: George Bealer (Yale), "Mental Causation"

March 22: Ken Taylor (Stanford), "How to be a Relativist."

March 30: Connie Rosati (Arizona), "A Good of One's Own"

April 13: Thomas Hofweber (UNC), "The Ideal of Deductive Logic"

April 20: Jeremy Waldron (NYU law), Hobbes on Public Worship"

April 27: Kathrin Gluer (Stockholm), “Reasons and Experience”

EVENTS 2004-2005

October 1: Kieran Setiya (University of Pittsburgh), "Hume on Practical Reasons"

October 29: Robert Stalnaker (MIT), "On what there isn't (but might have been)"

November 12: Shelly Kagan (Yale University), "Do I make a difference? The teeny tiny individual and the big bad world"

February 11: Roger Scruton (Birkbeck College), "Aesthetics — is there such a thing?"

February 18: Scott Sturgeon (Birkbeck College), "Apriorism about Modality"

April 1: Dan Sperber (CNRS and Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), "Reconceptualizing the Social"

April 15: Timothy Williamson (Oxford University)

May 3: Paul Franks (University of Toronto) "Kant's Dirty Laundry: Intellectual Intuition, Geometry, and the Challenge of Naturalism"