Climate and Diversity

The NYU Department of Philosophy places great importance on maintaining a respectful, safe, and supportive environment for all who work within it — including faculty, students, staff, and visitors — regardless of disability, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, socioeconomic background or sexual orientation. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination, and we strongly support efforts to remove barriers to inclusiveness in philosophy as a discipline. More generally we are concerned to ensure that the department is a place where all of its members can thrive.

The department has an ongoing Committee on Climate, Diversity, and Inclusiveness, aimed at sustaining these commitments. As a result, the department has adopted a number of initiatives. We have adopted guidelines for respectful discussion in colloquia and other related contexts as well as policies to help ensure fairness in graduate admissions. We have appointed a faculty member as point person for interpersonal issues including harassment. We have also adopted recommendations regarding Ph.D. program guidance, departmental community, and a number of other domains.

The department sponsors a number of relevant events. We sponsor an annual Diversity Lecture. We host a regular reading and discussion group on climate issues. We sponsor and regularly host meetings of the SWIP-Analytic group. There are also a number of relevant other events and lectures both at NYU and in the New York area more generally.

We have also compiled a list of resources regarding climate issues and we have put together a poster on what to do in cases of harassment and inappropriate behavior.