Global Distinguished Professors

The FAS Global Distinguished Professorship was created in order to bring the world's leading scholars to the Faculty of Arts and Science. By attracting internationally acclaimed academics whose home institution is outside of the United States, we are taking advantage of the international character of scholarship while also enhancing the global reputation of NYU.

Each year, on a recurring basis, Global Distinguished Professors spend six to eight weeks with an FAS department or program as fully involved teachers and researchers. Indeed, they become part of our extended permanent faculty.

We are especially interested in attracting as Global Distinguished Faculty scholars whose work complements the strengths that already exist in our programs. Our goal is to create powerful constellations of the worldÕs leading scholars on a particular topic or in a specific field.

FAS Global Distinguished Professors:

  • Jacques Derrida
    Global Distinguished Professor of English, French and German
  • Tanya Reinhart
    Global Distinguished Professor of Linguistics