Antón, Susan

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Current News / Projects

Updated November 2012

The Koobi Fora Research Project (KFRP) recently published analyses of new early Homo fossils from the east side of Lake Turkana.   Our article can be found in Nature 488:201-204 (Leakey et al. 2012). More on the group’s work can be found at

The December 2012 issue of Current Anthropology features a special issue edited by me and Dr. Leslie Aiello (Wenner Gren Foundation) on Human Biology and the Origins of Homo.  The papers emanate from our Spring 2010 Wenner Gren Workshop in Sintra, Portugal.

Josh Snodgrass (U. Oregon) and I are planning our annual workshop “Bones and Behavior V" to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee in the Spring of 2013.  A synopsis of the work done by the ‘Bones and Behavior Working Group’ and the protocols can be found at  The workshop is held in conjunction with the annual meetings of The American Association of Physical Anthropologists, for which I am Vice President and Program Chair.  For more information see

Members of the seventh class of the MA program, which I direct, graduated in the spring and summer of 2012.  First year students are developing their thesis projects, and five new students joined the program in the Fall of 2012.   See the program website at for more details about the program. 

Updated on 11/19/2012