Gerson, Kathleen



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Selected Recent Articles:

"Different Ways of Not Having It All: Work, Care, and Shifting Gender Arrangements in the New Economy." In Beyond the Cubicle: Insecurity Culture and the Flexible Self, edited by Allison Pugh. New York: Oxford (forthcoming).

"Rethinking the Cultural Contradictions of Parenthood: Unpacking Americans’ Views on the Employment of Mothers and Fathers with data from a National Vignette Survey." (with Jerry A. Jacobs, paper in progress)

"Time-Greedy Workplaces and Marriageable Men: The Paradox in Men's Fathering Beliefs and Strategies" (with Pamela Kaufman). In "Men, Wage Work and Care," edited by Paula McDonald. London: Routledge (2012).

"Families and Family Life" (with Stacy Torres). In "The Sociology Project: Introducing the Sociological Imagination," edited by Jeff Manza, Richard Arum, and Lynne Haney. Boston and New York: Pearson (2012).

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"Falling Back on Plan B: The Children of the Gender Revolution Face Uncharted Territory." In "Families as They Really Are," edited by Barbara J. Risman. New York: W.W. Norton (2010).

"Changing Lives, Resistant Institutions: A New Generation Negotiates Gender, Work, and Family Change." Sociological Forum 24 (4) (December, 2009).

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