Goldwyn, Henriette


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Recent Articles:

  • « Mme Du Noyer Presenting and Re-presenting the Peace of Utrecht, » Performances of Peace: Utrecht 1713, Eds. Renger de Bruin, Lotte Jensen and David Onnekink, Brill, Leiden, 2015.
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  • « Les stratégies de pouvoir dans le paratexte de l’écriture théâtrale de Mme de Villedieu, » in Madame de Villedieu et le théâtre. Éd. Edwige Keller-Rahbé et Nathalie Grande. PFSCL, Biblio 17, 184 (2009) : 29-41.

Le Favori de Mme de Villedieu:

Mme de Villedieu’s Le Favori has the unique distinction of being the only play written by a female playwright to be performed at Versailles in front of Louis XIV by Molière’s troupe. 350 years later, a contemporary theatrical company, La Subversive,, staged this tragi-comedy at NYUParis on May, 18, 2015 with great acclaim and the video is forthcoming. The play which I edited is in Le Théâtre de femmes de l’ancien régime, vol. 2, published by Garnier Classiques, 2015

Updated on 08/20/2015