Frédérique de Vignemont

Frédérique De Vignemont (PhD, Institut Jean-Nicod, 2002) is a CNRS researcher at Transitions (CNRS-NYU). She is currently visiting the department of philosophy until 2011. She works in philosophy of cognitive sciences, where her interests include self-consciousness, bodily awareness, embodiment, pain, empathy, and social cognition. She is currently writing a book on the body and the self.

Recent representative publications

  • Goldman, A.I. and de Vignemont, F. (2009). Is social cognition embodied? Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
  • de Vignemont, F. (2007), Habeas Corpus: the sense of ownership of one's own body. Mind and Language, 22, 4.
  • de Vignemont, F. and Singer, T. (2006), The empathic brain – When and Why. Trends in Cognitive Science, 10(10):435–41.
Updated on 02/12/2015