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Fellowships and Grants

2014-15. NEH Collaborative Grant, Disability, Personhood and the New Normal. (with Rayna Rapp). $100,000

2014-15. Humanities Initiative, NYU Senior Faculty Fellow

2013. Video nas Aldeias: 25 years, Grant from Humanities Initiative. $10,000.

2013. Rouch after Rouch: Reframing a Legacy, Grants from Alliance Francaise, Humanities Initiative. Total $20,000

2011-13. Luce Foundation, $300,00 (co PI w/ Angela Zito), Digital Religion: Knowledge and Practice in a Transforming International World; conferences, research, Center for Religion & Media

2009-10. Luce Foundation, $25,000 (co PI w/ Angela Zito) for Conference on Religion, CRM

2007–10. Council for the Study of Disability, NYU, $30,000 for three years to develop scholarship and awareness of disability on NYU campus (Co-Director of Project)

2007. Spencer Foundation, $40,000 for Study of Cultural Innovators and Learning Disabilities, with Rayna Rapp

2007. Institute For Human Development And Contextual Change, $10,000 (for study of Cultural Innovators and Learning Disabilities, with Rayna Rapp)

2007. Asia Cultural Council, for Signs of Crisis conference, Center for Religion and Media. $9,000

2005–07. Renewal of Center of Excellence grant, Center for Religion & Media, Pew Charitable Trusts, $1.5 million (with Angela Zito)

Current News/Projects
Updated March 2013

I have organized my current news and projects according to areas of research (indigenous media; disability), and the different programs and centers that I run (Certificate Program in Culture and Media;  Center for Media, Culture and History; Center for Religion and Media; and NYU Council for the Study of Disability. 

Indigenous Media
I am completing a book based on research over the last two decades with indigenous filmmakers entitled Mediating Culture. It looks at the complex challenges posed by the development, circulation, and multiple meanings of indigenous media worldwide  — with a particular focus on Aboriginal Australia — to the field of visual anthropology, and the globalization of cultural processes.   Check out this discussion on In Media Res that I curated for a sense of what is going on in this field.

On March 3, 2013 with support from the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, I had the privilege to organize and host a “sneak preview” of the new feature film, The Sapphires, Directed by Indigenous Australian actor, writer, and director Wayne Blair., including a terrific Q & A with Wayne.

In May 2012, I gave the 2012 Gerbrands Lecture, at the University of Leiden, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, Netherlands on Australia's Indigenous New Wave; and was invited to speak on Fourth Cinema and Future Imaginaries at a conference entitled The Artist as Ethnographer at the Musée du Quai Branly  in Paris. I also gave a talk on Visualizing Disability, at the Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival in Amsterdam.

In July 2012, I was a Visiting Professor at the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia, where, with Toby Miller, I taught a week-long interdisciplinary seminar for graduate students on Qualitative Methods in Ethnographic Research and Cultural Studies. While in Sydney, I stayed on in order to carry out research on new developments in indigenous media, in particular with the Indigenous Departments at the ABC, and at Screen Australia, and a chance to be on set for the fantastic new series, Redfern Now.

During the academic year 2012-13 I gave a number of talks on “Disabilities in a Digital Age”, as part of the research on innovation in cultural understandings of learning disabilities that I am carrying out with Rayna Rapp.  I presented this work as a Distinguished Lecture at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in July.

As an activist dimension of this research, I helped to establish, SKILLS ("Skills & Knowledge for Independent Living and Learning”), an experimental transition program for NYC young adults with learning disabilities who are  making the transition from high school, with the Cooke Center Academy and Winston Preparatory School; with the support of the NYU Council for the Study of Disability, it was housed at NYU for a two pilot. The program, which started with 8 young adults, has expanded to over 36 students, and has had a successful relocation to a larger space on 29th St. 

Co-Director, NYU Council for the Study of Disability
As founding co-director of NYU’s Council for the Study of Disability (with support from the NYU Provost’s office). As an advisor to the Reelabilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival (now in its 5th year), we collaborated with the Council to hold screenings and discussions of selected films at NYU in March 2013.

Graduate Certificate Program in Culture and Media
I continue to direct the Graduate Certificate Program in Culture and Media (the graduate training program with Teja Ganti, Noelle Stout, and Cheryl Furjanic in Anthropology and Jonathon Kahana in Cinema Studies.

In 2011, we celebrated our 25th year with a reunion and conference, NYU Culture & Media @ 25: Past, Present, Future. We had over 100 attendees, and 32 presentations about current work from alumni as well as current graduate students.  Culture and Media alums – who got their PhDs from either Anthropology or Cinema Studies – are in the academy carrying out research on media practices in different parts of the world, are successful filmmakers, curators of public events and film festivals, and are often engaged in activist/human rights activities on behalf of the communities they work with.   

In Spring 2012, the work of the students in Video Production Seminar, was screened at our annual May “Docs on the Edge with an outstanding group of films.

As an advisor to the Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival at the American Museum of Natural History, we were very involved in helping plan for the Festival’s 35th anniversary, November 2012, which includes a short retrospective of classic ethnographic films, and a panel to discuss the transformations in the genre.  This year included screenings and a panel in honor of the documentary filmmaker, the late George Stoney, and screenings and a panel on the return of the 1966 films made with six Navajo filmmakers at Pine Springs, organized with NYU PhD student Teresa Montoya whose film and dissertation are exploring this process.

Director, Center for Media, Culture, and History

The Center, which I founded in 1993 and continue to direct, addresses issues of representation, social change, and identity construction embedded in the development of film, television, video, and new media worldwide along with Associate Director, the anthropologist and filmmaker Pegi Vail.  The Center includes Internet publications called virtual case books such as based on the mobilization of small and vernacular media forms in response to 9/11. As always, we continue to have a lively schedule of public programs including screenings, lectures, book readings, and conferences.

On February 1, 2013, we held an international Conference, Rouch After Rouch: Reframing a Legacy, that I organized with PhD student Jamie Berthe and Associate Director Pegi Vail.
Please check out our websites for our current activities.

Co-Director, Center for Religion and Media
Along with NYU colleague Angela Zito (Director, Religious Studies), I received a major grant from the Pew Foundation to start a Center for the Study of Religion and Media at NYU, which was launched in May 2003.  Among our projects are “The Revealer: A Daily Review of Religion and the Press,” edited by Ann Neumann, We are also developing internet publications, in particular a prototype for a web-based resource, Modiya, developed by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett and Jeffrey Shandler for the working group on Jews, Religion and Media For 2011-13, we have received a two-year grant from the Luce Foundation’s program in Religion and International Affairs to carry out research, events, and conferences on Digital Religion: Knowledge and Practice in a Transforming International World. Please check out our websites for our current public programs.
Updated on 07/29/2015