Dopico, Ana María

Editor, José Martí: Revolution, Politics and Letters. A two volume anthology prepared for the Oxford Library of Latin America. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2004.
"Houses Divided: Social Crisis and Genealogical Memory in Novels of the Americas"
"Cubanologies: Patriotic Aesthetics, Visual Imaginaries and the Dialectics of National Culture"
"¿Quién tiró la bomba,? The Trio Matamoros and Musical Choteo in Machado's Cuba," commissioned for Tim Reiss, editor, Music and Literature, forthcoming, 2003.
"Picturing Havana: History, Vision, and the Scramble for Cuba," Nepantla 3.3., November 2002.
"Imbunches and Other Monsters: Enemy Legends and Underground Histories in the Works of José Donoso and Catalina Parra" Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Volume 10, Number 3, 2001.
Public Intellectuals, Cultural Revolutions: A Conversation with Jean Franco," IberoAmericana, September, 2001.

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