Philippe Schlenker, Global Distinguished Professor of Linguistics


Philippe Schlenker is a Senior Researcher at Institut Jean-Nicod (CNRS). He was educated at École Normale Supérieure (Paris), and obtained a Ph.D. in Linguistics from MIT, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from EHESS (Paris). Previously, he taught at École Normale Supérieure, Paris, at the University of Southern California, and at the University of California - Los Angeles.

Dr. Schlenker’s research interests include semantics, pragmatics, the philosophy of language and philosophical logic. In recent work, he has sought to combine empirical, philosophical and logical approaches to bring new light to the semantics of indexical expressions and indirect discourse (“A Plea for Monsters,” Linguistics and Philosophy 2003, “Context and Thought and Context of Utterance,” Mind and Language, 2004), to intensional constructions (“Ontological Symmetry in Language,” Mind and Language 2006), and to anaphora (“Non-Redundancy: A Semantic Reinterpretation of Binding Theory,” Natural Language Semantics, 2004). His current research is concerned with the boundary between semantics and pragmatics, especially with respect to presupposition, a topic which contributed in the 1980’s to a methodological shift in semantics. His ongoing work argues that new theoretical directions should be explored (“Be Articulate,” Theoretical Linguistics, 2008; “Local Contexts”, forthcoming in Semantics & Pragmatics). Dr. Schlenker also has a side-interest in semantic paradoxes (“The Elimination of Self-Reference,” Journal of Philosophical Logic 2006; “Anselm’s Argument and Berry’s Paradox,” Noûs 2009).

Dr. Schlenker is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Semantics, and a member of the editorial boards of several semantics journals. His research has been funded by the Fondation Thiers, the NSF, the
American Council of Learned Societies, and the European Science Foundation, which supports a 5-year project on presupposition which he leads (‘Euryi’ award, 2007).

Updated on 01/17/2012