Kayne, Richard

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

“Antisymmetry and Morphology. Prefixes vs. Suffixes” (May, 2017)

“The Syntax of Wherewithal (April, 2017)

“Clitic Doubling, Person and Agreement in French Hyper-Complex Inversion” (February, 2017)

“What is Suppletive Allomorphy? On went and on *goed in English” (December, 2016)

"Some Thoughts on One and Two and Other Numerals" (May, 2016)

"More Languages Than We Might Have Thought. Fewer Languages Than There Might Have Been" (March, 2016)

"The Unicity of There and the Definiteness Effect" (January, 2016)

"A Note on Some Even More Unusual Relative Clauses" (December, 2015)

"English One and Ones as Complex Determiners" (June, 2015)

"The Silence of Heads" (January, 2015)

"Once and Twice" (March, 2014)

"Comparative Syntax and English Is To" (November, 2012) to appear in Linguistic Analysis.

"Comparative Syntax" (March, 2012) to appear in Lingua.

“A Note on Grand and its Silent Entourage” (August, 2011) to appear in Studies in Chinese Linguistics.

“Having Need and Needing Have” with Stephanie Harves (March, 2011) subsequently appeared in (2012) Linguistic Inquiry, 43, 120-132.

Locality and Agreement in French Hyper-Complex Inversion with Jean-Yves Pollock (November, 2010, to appear)

Why Are There No Directionality Parameters? (August, 2010)
Subsequently appeared in (2011) M. Byram Washburn, K. McKinney- Bock, E. Varis, A. Sawyer and B. Tomaszewicz (eds.) Proceedings of the 28th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Cascadilla Proceedings Project, Somerville, MA, 1-23.

"Toward a Syntactic Reinterpretation of Harris and Halle (2005)" (December, 2009)
Subsequently appeared in (2010) R. Bok-Bennema, B. Kampers-Manhe & B. Hollebrandse (eds.) Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2008, Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Groningen 2008, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 145-170.

"Notes on French and English Demonstratives" with Jean-Yves Pollock (November, 2009)
Subsequently appeared in (2010) J.-W. Zwart and M. de Vries (eds.) Structure Preserved: Studies in Syntax for Jan Koster, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 215-228.

"Toward an Analysis of French Hyper-Complex Inversion" with Jean-Yves Pollock (September, 2008)
To appear in L. Brugè, A. Cardinaletti, G. Giusti, N. Munaro and C. Poletto (eds.) Functional Heads, Oxford University Press, New York (also in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Why Isn't This a Complementizer?" (June 2008)
To appear in P. Svenonius (ed.) Functional Structure from Top to Toe: A Festschrift for Tarald Taraldsen, Oxford University Press, New York (also in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Comparative Syntax and the Lexicon" (June 2008)
Subsequently appeared in (2008) J. Durand, B. Habert and B. Laks (eds.) Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française - CMLF'08, Paris, 2008, Institut de Linguistique Française, [link]

"Antisymmetry and the Lexicon" (February 2008)
Subsequently appeared in (2008) Linguistic Variation Yearbook, 8, 1-31 (also in A.M. di Sciullo and C. Boeckx (eds.) The Biolinguistic Enterprise: New Perspectives on the Evolution and Nature of the Human Language Faculty, Oxford University Press, London, 329-353 (2011)) (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"A Note on Auxiliary Alternations and Silent Causation" (January 2008)
Subsequently appeared in (2009) L. Baronian and F. Martineau (eds.) Le français d’un continent à l’autre. Mélanges offerts à Yves Charles Morin, Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec, 211-235 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Some Silent First Person Plurals" (April 2007)
Subsequently appeared in (2009) J.M. Brucart, A. Gavarró and J. Solà (eds.) Merging Features. Computation, Interpretation, and Acquisition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 276-292 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Expletives, Datives, and the Tension between Morphology and Syntax" (October 2006)
Subsequently appeared in (2008) T. Biberauer (ed.) The Limits of Syntactic Variation, John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 175-217 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"A Short Note on where vs. place" (November 2005)
Subsequently appeared in (2007) R. Maschi, N. Penello and P. Rizzolatti (eds.) Miscellanea di Studi Linguistici offerti a Laura Vanelli da amici e allievi padovani, Forum, Udine, 245-257 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"On Parameters and on Principles of Pronunciation" (September 2005)
Subsequently appeared in (2006) H. Broekhuis, N. Corver, R. Huybregts, U. Kleinhenz and J. Koster (eds.) Organizing Grammar. Linguistic Studies in Honor of Henk van Riemsdijk, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, 289-299 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Some Preliminary Comparative Remarks on French and Italian Definite Articles" (October 2004)
Subsequently appeared in (2008) R. Freidin, C.P. Otero and M.L. Zubizarreta (eds.) Foundational Issues in Linguistic Theory. Essays in Honor of Jean-Roger Vergnaud, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 291-321 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"Several, Few and Many" (June 2005)
Subsequently appeared in (2007) Lingua, 117, 832-858 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

"A Note on the Syntax of Numerical Bases" (July 2005)
Subsequently appeared in (2006) Y. Suzuki (ed.) In Search of the Essence of Language Science: Festschrift for Professor Heizo Nakajima on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday, Hituzi Syobo, Tokyo, 21-41 (reprinted in Comparisons and Contrasts).

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