The Project on the Nature, Limits and Significance of Disagreement

Chaired by Professor Paul Boghossian.

The Disagreement Project will be structured somewhat like the Science and Religion Project, and will be discussing topics including, but not limited to:

  1. In any given domain, such as the moral or the epistemic, can there be genuine disagreement about the basic principles of that domain?
  2. How is it determined what the basic principles of any given domain are?  And what is the role of such basic principles in fixing the meaning of the vocabulary of that domain?
  3. What is negation?  And what is its role in enabling disagreement? Can disagreement be accommodated within a non-cognitivist framework?
  4. What should be the significance of discovering that an epistemic peer has arrived at an incompatible answer to a particular question?
  5. Is there such a thing as "faultless" disagreement?
  6. Can there be disagreement about basic logical principles?

In addition to Professor Boghossian, the other permanent members are Professors


The current Graduate Fellows of the Project are

  • David James Barnett,
  • Justin Clarke-Doane, and
  • Colin Marshall.