Core Faculty & Staff

Helga Tawil-Souri


Helga Tawil-Souri   

Associate Professor of Media, Culture and Communications, Steinhardt

Director, Hagop Kevorkian Center



Helga is a media scholar who focuses on spatiality, technology, and politics in the Middle East and especially Israel/Palestine, and methodologically incorporates political economy, visual and cultural studies, and cultural geography. Broadly, her work critiques the notion that we live in an increasingly open and borderless world, by analyzing how technologies and their infrastructures - such as cell phones and the internet - are explicitly territorial and political and often impose new forms of borders and controls. On the flip side of that, she is equally fascinated by how spaces and 'things' that are overtly territorial and political - borders, checkpoints, and identification cards, for example - themselves function in cultural ways. Most of her teaching is through the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Helga teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on topics including borders and spatiality; Arab media; critical theory and media studies; Israel/Palestine; war and media; globalization, international development, and commodities.

Marc Michael

Director of Graduate Studies/Faculty Fellow



Marc Michael's research looks at banks as disciplinary institutions, their effects on socio-political organization, on individual behaviors, as well as their theoretical and institutional contribution to the emergence of capitalism. Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods with a historical comparative approach, it focuses on the case study of microfinance in Egypt from the perspective of global financial inclusion. Beyond banking, Marc also has developed a keen interest in the sociology of gender, political economy, post-colonial theory, public health, and the history of social and economic ideas.

Begum Adalet

Faculty Fellow



Begum Adalet received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania with specializations in political theory and comparative politics. She held an ACLS/Mellon Completion Fellowship in 2013. She also received a BA from Swarthmore College and an MA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Adalet is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the construction of modernization theory in a series of social scientific, infrastructural, and architectural laboratories in Turkey during the early phases of the Cold War. While at the Kevorkian Center, she will be working on new projects examining the New International Economic Order of the 1970s and contemporary changes in developmental aid regimes, as former recipients become donors.

Greta Scharnweber

Associate Director



In addition to grantwriting, reporting, and office management, Greta organizes academic programs on the Middle East for faculty, students, teachers, journalists, and the general public at NYU. She has been involved in outreach to educators since the late 90s, first as a graduate student in the MA program at Georgetown in Arab Studies, later as the outreach coordinator at Yale's Council on Middle East Studies, and now the Hagop Kevorkian Center. Since joining NYU in 2008, she has curated a Saturday Seminars for teachers series focused on the MENA region and has organized intensive courses for educators on topics such as The Multilayered Lives of Muslim Women; The Politics of Water, Media and the Middle East, and Revolts in the Arab World. Her seminars often include a field study component in the region, most recently including tours of the Jordan River Valley and Uzbekistan. She has lived in Morocco, Kenya, and Egypt, and has traveled widely throughout the Middle East and Islamic world. She holds an MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, an MA in Religious Studies from University of Colorado, and a BA in Religion from Kenyon College.


Diana Shin

Outreach Administrator



Diana joined the Hagop Kevorkian Center in April 2015 as the Outreach Administrator. Prior to joining the Center, Diana worked as a Program Officer at The American Turkish Society where she managed various educational grants and scholarship programs, and was involved in events management, most notably for the New York Turkish Film Festival. During her graduate studies at Georgetown, she focused her studies on Middle Eastern politics and has spent time studying in Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan. She received her BS in economics from Duke University and an MA in anthropology from Columbia University.


Tandi Budhram (Singh)

Administrative Aide