Career and Internships


Internship Program

Our internship program draws on the resources of New York City as a center of international politics and culture.

It provides practical training in the kinds of research and report writing required for careers in public and non-governmental service, policy research, cultural affairs and political advocacy. It enables you to make professional contacts in fields you are interested in joining and to share your skills with organizations as you explore a particular field or issue. Organizations providing internships include (but are not limited to) human rights organizations, UN agencies and missions, media organizations, policy research groups and other non-governmental agencies.

An internship involves 10-15 hours of work per week per semester. You receive up to 4 points towards the degree by registering for the course, G68.2997 Internship. Interns must submit weekly progress reports on your internship project and a mid and end of semester report.


Job Placement

Graduates of the Kevorkian Center's M.A. program have pursued a wide variety of career paths. Some have furthered their education at NYU, Oxford, Princeton and other institutions in doctoral programs in Middle Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Fine Arts, History, and Politics. Others have gone on to law and medical school. Former students are working or have worked at the United Nations and various missions and consulates, as well as cultural institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Bard College of Decorative Arts. In the business world, at American Express, Deloitte and Touche and Merrill Lynch; in government, for the City of New York and the Peace Corps; as journalists, with the Associated Press and in governmental and consular press offices, and in policy research institutes such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Middle East Research and Information Project.

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