Intro to Musicology

This course is intended a) to introduce current scholarship in musicology - its concerns, it methods, its historical, cultural and theoretical foundations; 2) to give specific practice in the skills of critical reading, historical research, interpretation of musical sources, and research project design; 3) to teach writing in diverse genres of musicology and 4) most importantly, to teach students how to teach themselves a field, and how, once they've done so, to capture, refine, and transform into scholarly work the new thoughts and new ideas about various fields that rise from their own imaginations.

Proseminar in current research methodology and musicological thought. Topics discussed include techniques for the examination of primary source materials; principles of musical text criticism and editing; and current issues in musicological thought.

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Fall 2018

Brigid Cohen
W: 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM WAVE 268