Jane Anderson, Ph.D.

In December 2015 Dr. Jane Anderson received an NEH grant from the Division of Preservation and Access (Research and Development). The $320,000 grant provides 3 years of funding for Local Contexts 2.0: Implementing the Traditional Knowledge Labels (www.localcontexts.org). The project involves the development of a set of protocols, standards, tools, and resources relating to digital curation and stewardship of Indigenous cultural heritage that would assist non-Native collecting institutions and local Native American communities to enhance access and management of knowledge about humanities collections.

Bruce J. Altshuler, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Altshuler’s research over the past decade culminated in the spring 2013 publication of the second of his two-volume documentary history of modern and contemporary art exhibitions, Biennials and Beyond: Exhibitions that Made Art History, 1962-2002. (The first volume, Salon to Biennial: Exhibitions that Made Art History, 1863-1959, received the 2009 Bannister Fletcher Award.) He continues his work on exhibition history with an essay on forms of curatorial innovation around the idea of the exhibition site, which will appear in a book on that topic to be published by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

Miriam M. Basilio, Ph.D.

Dr. Miriam Basilio completed her first book, Visual Propaganda, Exhibitions, and The Spanish Civil War, that will be published in January 2014 by Ashgate Press. Prof. Basilio's recent articles include: (1) The "Exhibition of Government Posters" (1937) en The Museum of Modern Art: Carteles republicanos cómo modelos de diseño vanguardista y de efectividad pedagógica, in Miguel Cabañas Bravo and Wifredo Rincón, eds. El arte y sus redes de proyección, circulación y estudio en los siglos XX y XXI. (Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, forthcoming); (2) "Esto lo vio Picasso: Goya, los grabados satiricos, el realismo, y la propaganda republicana en guerra, Manuel Borja-Villel and Rosario Peiro eds. Años Treinta: Teatro de la Crueldad, lugar de encuentro (Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2013); (3) "Equipo Crónica: Art History, Narrative Figuration, and Critical Realism," in Robert Lubar and Dolores Jiménez Blanco, Eds. Transatlantic Dialogues (forthcoming).

Glenn Wharton, Ph.D.

Dr. Glenn Wharton's current research includes technical documentation of software-based art, and "crowd documentation" models for contemporary art in museums. In 2011 Dr. Wharton published a co-edited volume titled Inside Installations: Theory and Practice in the Care of Complex Artworks with Amsterdam University Press. This book is a compilation of articles generated from a European project to document installation art in museums. It was organized by the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA) and cultural organizations throughout Europe. The book addresses questions such as how to define and preserve the artist’s intention while changing materials and technologies from one installation to the next. Questions of authenticity and intentionality are addressed through theoretical writing and case study analysis from museums across Europe.