• Museum Studies

    The Program in Museum Studies at NYU offers an innovative course of study in the contemporary theory and practice of museum work.

  • Student LIfe

    The Program has an active Student Organizaton (MSSO) and Alumni Association (MSSA) that aim to enrich the life of Museum Studies students

  • Meet our Faculty

    Museum Studies unites a rich curriculum, an outstanding faculty, ongoing contact with the New York museum world, and a diverse student body.


Program in Museum Studies

Faculty Spotlight

We congratulate Jane Anderson on her promotion with tenure to Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies, and we are thrilled to congratulate Glenn Wharton on his promotion to Clinical Full Professor.

Jane Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Anthropology and Museum Studies

Miriam M. Basilio, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Art History and Museum Studies

Rosanna N. Flouty, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor in Museum Studies

Bruce J. Altshuler, Ph.D.

Director of the Program in Museum Studies