Registration Information


Initial Interview: All new majors will be interviewed by the DUGS who will assign them a regular faculty advisor.

Subsequent Interview: Majors should arrange to meet with their advisors prior to registration period of each semester. (See administrative calendar). Advisors review the transcripts with the students to ascertain the student's interests, remaining course work, and the proper distribution of credits. See distribution guidelines for the major above. Overseas study is encouraged, but the student must consult with the International Programs Office to see which programs have NYU approval. Before the student embarks, the Dean's office and advisor must approve the course work that will be taken. The Department will accept no more than four courses taken outside the University toward the major. Students should be informed as early as possible in their undergraduate career about the possibilities for honors. Advanced planning is needed to complete the required graduate courses and to write a thesis.

Filing and Processing of New Registration: Advisors should ask students to fill in an interview form. This form serves as the record for general questions, processing/clearing a student for registration, and adjusting their status. The advisor must submit the form to MEIS Administrator, who then enters the data in the NYU database. The interview form remains part of the student's file.

Special cases: There may well be occasions when seniors are unable to fill the distribution requirements for the major given current course offerings. Advisors may e-mail a short letter explaining the circumstances and the substitution to the DUGS who will submit a version of it to the Registrar's office.