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Middle Eastern Studies Resources

NOTE: All students in the Department may use the library facilities of the Universities participating in the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (Columbia, New School, CUNY, Fordham) as well as Princeton.

Middle Eastern Studies Resources at Bobst Library (excellent source of links to reference materials for Middle Eastern Studies)
The Richard Ettinghausen Library for Near Eastern Studies
Columbia University Library Middle Eastern Studies Resources
New York Public Library's CATNYP (Catalog of the New York Public Libraries)
Princeton University Library - Near East Collection
Middle East Studies Association
Middle East Network Information Center, University of Texas Austin
Arab Social Science Resources
Arabic-Info: A Global Network for Arab Studies Worldwide
American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS)
American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE)
American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT)
American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR)
American Institute for Yemeni Studies (AIYS)
American Institute of Iranian Studies (AIIrS)
American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS)
Kidon Media

Islam and Islamic Law

CIMEL, Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
AL-KHAZINA: Interactive Database for the Study of Islamic Culture
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion (U. Georgia)

Arabic Resources

News Broadcasts in Arabic (BBC)
AL-MASHRIQ: Levant Cultural Multimedia Servers
AramediA Group
Al-Masa, Arabic Newspaper
Al-Jumhuriya, Arabic Newspaper
Cafe Arabica

Iranian and Persian Resources

American Institute of Iranian Studies (AIIrS)
Bibliographia Iranica
Gooya (news portal)
Persian Transliteration Tables (Library of Congress)
Web Guide to Farsi (Yamada Language Center, Univ. of Oregon)
Iranian Cultural and Information Center
Kurdish Information Network
Persian Literature
The Iranian
ISI – Iranian Studies Initiative (NYU)
VOA Persian News Broadcast
Persian Calendar Conversion
Iran-e-Azad Home Page - links to Farsi materials
Iran Shahr
KRSI (Radio Sedaye Iran)

Turkish Resources

American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT)
The Institute of Turkish Studies, Washington, D.C.
Turkish Media on the Web
Forum for Central Asian Studies (Harvard)
Sabah Gazetesi. Daily news and archive
Hurriyet Online. Daily newspaper. [Win 1254]
Turkish Radios Online
Radios on the Net
Internet Movie Database. Search for information on Turkish movies.

Hindi and Urdu Resources

Hindi and Urdu Language Web Resources
American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS)
BBC in Hindi
BBC in Urdu
Hindi Humor - In Hindi (with English transliteration) and in English
Daily Hindi Milap
Jagran - Poetry and music of 13th century sufi poet Amir Khusro. Also his life and history - Devanaagarii and Nastaliq with Engl. transliteration
Khazaana-e-Urdu. links and information on Urdu

Selected New York University Links

Campus Map
Research Centers and Institutes at NYU
Statistics and Social Science Group at NYU (ITS)
Academic Calendar
Albert: Student Information System
Financial Aid
Global U: International Programs & Events
NYC Resources
Center for Student Activities, Leadership & Service
Student Affairs
Student Government
University Counseling Service

Affiliated NYU Departments and Programs

Anthropology: Undergraduate
Anthropology: Graduate
Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program & Institute
Asia/Pacific/American Studies : Undergraduate
Classics: Undergraduate
Classics: Graduate
Comparative Literature: Undergraduate
Comparative Literature: Graduate
Economics: Undergraduate (College of Arts and Science)
Economics: Graduate (Graduate School of Arts and Science)
Hebrew and Judaic Studies: Undergraduate
Hebrew and Judaic Studies: Graduate
History: Undergraduate
History: Graduate
Law and Society: Graduate
Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Undergraduate
Museum Studies: Graduate
Near Eastern Studies: Graduate
Politics: Undergraduate
Politics: Graduate
Religious Studies: Undergraduate
Religious Studies: Graduate
Gender and Sexuality Studies: Undergraduate

Student Cultural Clubs

NYU Club Directory
Arab Society at NYU
Armenian Hokee (HTAC)
Asian Cultural Union (ACU)
Association for Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE)
Graduate Students of Color Network (GSCN)
Hindu Students Council (HSC)
The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU
Muslim Students Association
Persian Cultural Society (PCS)
South Asian Students Association (SHRUTI)
United Sikh Association (USA)