Language Programs

Our department is renowned for quality language teaching. All the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are emphasized from the elementary through the advanced levels.

We follow the guidelines of the Proficiency Approach and capitalize on human interaction in language pedagogy. Be it Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi or Urdu that you are interested in learning, we welcome you in all languages.

Students typically begin with Elementary I. However, if you have already studied the given language, you may take a placement exam to see if you can place into a higher level.

For Arabic, consult with Prof. Ahmed Ferhadi ( He typically holds placement exams on the first Friday of the semester (i.e. in September or January). These are the only opportunities to take the placement exam, so contact him ASAP no later than two weeks before the date of the placement exam. For Turkish see Prof. Sibel Erol (, for Persian contact Prof. Mehdi Khorrami (, for Hindi contact Prof. Gabriela Ilieva (, and for Urdu contact Prof. Tahira Nagvi ( For additional information on the language programs, see Language Programs.