Recent Graduates

Ph.D.s Conferred since 1999

Waiel Abdelwahed (Temple University): “Servants in the House of the Nation: Fictions of Truth in Twentieth-Century Egyptian Literature”

Ali Akhtar (Bates College): "Philosopy, Religion, and Government in Andalusian Spain: The Nexus of Greek-Arabic Philosophy and Mysticism and the Evolution of Political Thought and Authority in the al-Andalus"

Livia Alexander (ArteEast): "Conflicting Images: Palestinian and Israeli Cinemas, 1988-1998" 

Charles Anderson (Western Washington University): "From Petition to Confrontation: The Palestinian National Movement and the Rise of Mass Politics, 1929-1939"

Elena Andreeva (Virginia Military Institute): "Russian Travelers to Iran in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries and Their Travelogues" 

Sabri Ates (Southern Methodist University): "Empires at the Margin: Towards a History of the Ottoman-Iranian Borderland and the Borderland Peoples, 1843-1881” 

James Edward Baldwin (Warwick University): “Islamic law in an Ottoman context: resolving disputes in late 17th/early 18th-century Cairo” 

On Barak (Tel Aviv University): "Egyptian Times: Temporary Personhood and the Technopolitical Making of Modern Egypt, 1830-1930" 

Ryvka Barnard (War on Want): "Destination Palestine: West Bank Tourism between Politics and History"

Laura Bier (Georgia Institute of Technology): "From Mothers of the Nation to Daughters of the State: Gender and the Politics of Inclusion in Egypt, 1922-1967" 

Guy Burak (The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Librarian at NYU): "Islamic Law, Jurisprudential Authority and Empire in the Ottoman Domains (16th - 17th Centuries)"

Emily Burnham: "The Edges of the Earth: An epistemology of the unknown in Arabic geographies from the 5/11th-7/13th centuries"

Isa Blumi (Georgia State University): "The Consequences of Empire in the Balkans and the Red Sea: Reading Possibilities in the Transformations of the Modern World"

Lale Can (CUNY):  "Trans-Imperial Trajectories: Pilgrimage, Pan-Islam, and Ottoman-Central Asian Relations, 1865-1914"

John Chalcraft (London School of Economics): "The Striking Cabbies of Cairo and Other Stories: Crafts and Guilds in Egypt, 1863-1914" 

Omar Cheta (Bard College): "Rule of Merchants: The Practice of Commerce and Law in Late Ottoman Egypt, 1841-1876"

Ayesha Siddiqua Chaudhry (University of British Columbia): "Wife-Beating in the Pre-Modern Islamic Tradition: An Inter-Disciplinary Study of Hadith, Quranic Exegesis and Islamic Jurisprudence"

Dale Correa: "Testifying Beyond Experience: Theories of Akhbar and the Boundaries of Community in Transoxanian Islamic Thought, 10th-12th Centuries CE"

Leena Dallasheh (Humboldt State University): "Nazarenes in the Turbulent Tide of Citizenships: Nazareth from 1940 to 1966"

Samuel Dolbee (Brandeis University): "The Locust and the Starling: People, Insects, and Disease in the Late Ottoman Jazira and After, 1860-1940"

Lerna Ekmekcioglu (MIT): “Improvising Turkishness: Being  Armenian in Post-Ottoman Istanbul (1918-1933)

Munir Kamal Fakher Eldin (Birzeit University): "Communities of Owners: Land Law, Governance, and Politics in Palestine, 1858-1948"

Mohamed Elshahed (Forum Transregionale Studien): "Revolutionary Modernism: Architecture & The Politics of Transition in Cairo 1939-1965"

Michael Gasper (Occidental College): "Civilizing Peasants: The Public Sphere, Islamic Reform and the Generation of Political Modernity in Egypt, 1875-1919" 

Noah Haiduc-Dale (Centenary College): "Nationalism and Religious Identification: Palestinian Christians in Mandate Palestine, 1918-1948" 

Lara Harb (Princeton University): “Poetic Marvels: Wonder and Aesthetic Experience in Medieval Arabic Literary Theory.”

Irfana Hashmi (Whittier College): "Patronage, Legal Practice, and Space in al-Azhar, 1500-1650"

Sameh Iskandar (Abydos Epigraphic Project, NYU): "The Reign of Merenptah" 

Wilson Jacob (Concordia University): "Working Out Egypt: Masculinity and Subject Formation between Nationalism and Colonial Modernity, 1870-1940" 

Aaron G. Jakes (New School): "State of the Field: Agrarian Transformation, Colonial Rule, and the Politics of Material Wealth in Egypt, 1882-1914"

Ibrahim Halil Kalkan: "Torture, Law, and Politics in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1840-1918"

Kimberly Katz (Towson University): "Holy Places and National Spaces: Jerusalem under Jordanian Rule"

Arta Khakpour (Nueva School): "Each into a World of His Own: Mimesis, Modernist Fiction, and the Iranian Avant-Garde"

Hanan Kholoussy (American University in Cairo): "The Making and Marrying of Modern Egyptians: Gender, Law, and Nationalism, 1898-1936" 

Masha Kirasirova (NYU Abu Dhabi): "The Eastern International: the ‘Domestic East’ and the ‘Foreign East’ in Soviet-Arab Relations, 1917-68"

Liat Kozma (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): "Women on the Margins and Legal Reform in Late Nineteenth-Century Egypt, 1850-1882" 

Thomas Kuhn (Simon Fraser University): "Shaping Ottoman Rule in Yemen, 1872-1919" 

Stacy Liechti: "Books, Book Endowments, and Communities of Knowledge in the Bukharan Khanate" 

Mark LeVine (University of California, Irvine): "Overthrowing Geography, Re-Imagining Identities: A History of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 1880 to the Present" 

Silvia Marsans-Sakly (Fairfield University): “The Revolt of 1864 in Tunisia: History, Power and Memory” 

Susynne McElrone (Palestinian American Research Center, American Center of Oriental Research in Amman): "From the Pages of the Defter: A Social History of Rural Property Tenure and the Implementation of Tanzimat Land Reform in Hebron, Palestine (1858-1900)"

Jeanne Miller (University of Toronto): "More Than the Sum of Its Part: Animal Categories and Accretive Logic in Volume One of al-Jahiz Kitab al-Hayawan"

Mostafa Minawi (Cornell University): "Lines in the Sand: The Ottoman Empire's Policies of Expansion and Consolidation on its African and Arabian Frontiers, 1882-1902"

Shane Minkin (University of Massachusetts - Lowell): "In Life as in Death: The Port, Foreign Charities, Hospitals and Cemeteries in Alexandria, Egypt, 1865-1914" 

Rebecca Molloy (FBI): "Semantic Aspects of 'Transitivity': Decomposition of the Term ta'addi in Medieval Arabo-Islamic Thought" 

Eman Morsi (Dartmouth University) "The Comedy of Revolution: Ludic Critique, Everyday Life and Narratives of the Nation-State in Egypt and Cuba (1961-1991)”

Paul O'Rourke (Brooklyn Museum): "An Egyptian Royal Book of Protection in the Late Period P. Brooklyn 47.218.49" 

Walter Oller (deceased; formerly Middle Eastern and Islamic studies librarian, Brown University): "The Poet as Antitribal Protagonist in the Ayyam al-‘Arab" 

Geoffrey Porter (Eurasia Group): "At the Pillar's Base: Islam, Morocco and Education in the Qarawiyin Mosque, 1912-2000"

Nicholas Roberts (University of the South): “Rethinking the Status Quo: the British and Islam in Palestine, 1917-1929” 

Kristin Sands (Sarah Lawrence College): "Commentary (Tafsir) and Allusion (Ishara): A Comparative Study of Exoteric and Sufi Interpretation of the Qur'an in Classical Islam" 

Joshua Schreier (Vassar College): "Algerian Jews and the Boundaries of Empire" 

Paul Sedra (Simon Fraser University): "Textbook Maneuvers: Evangelicals and Educational Reform  in Nineteenth-Century Egypt" 

Sherene Seikaly (University of California, Santa Barbara): "Meatless Days: Consumption and Capitalism in Wartime Palestine, 1939-1948" 

Katayoun Shafiee: “Cracking Petroleum with Politics: Anglo-Persian Oil and the Socio-Technical Transformation of Iran, 1901-1954” 

Pari Shirazi (New York University): "Filmnameh or 'Mental Cinema': A New Literary Genre in Persian Literature" 

Ahmad Shokr (Swarthmore College) “Beyond the Fields: Cotton and the End of Empire in Egypt, 1919-1956”

Sandra Sufian (University of Illinois, Chicago): "Healing the Land and the Nation: Malaria and the Zionist Project in Mandatory Palestine, 1920-1947" 

Shareah Taleghani: “The Cocoons of Language, The Betrayals of Silence: Contemporary Syrian Prison Literature, Human Rights Discourse, and Literary Experimentalism

Amin Tarzi (Marine Corps University): "The Judicial State: Evolution and Centralization of the Courts in Afghanistan, 1883-1896"

Abed el-Rahman Tayyara (Cleveland State University): "The Reflection of non-Islamic Cultures in Early Islamic Universal Histories" 

Basak Tug (Istanbul Bilgi University): "Politics of Honor: The Institutional and Social Frontiers of ‘Illicit’ Sex in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Anatolia"

Peter Valenti (NYU): "State-Building in Central Arabia: Empires & Regional Actions at the Cross Roads of al-Qasim"

Mark Wagner (Louisiana State University): "The Poetics of Humayni Verse: Language and Meaning in the Arab and Jewish Vernacular Poetry of Yemen" 

Elka Weber: "Traveling through Text: Message and Method in Late Medieval Pilgrimage Account" 

John Willis (University of Colorado at Boulder): "Unmaking North and South: Spatial Histories of Modern Yemen" 

Alex Winder (Brown University): "Policing and Crime in Mandate Palestine: Indigenous Policemen, British Colonial Control, and Palestinian Society, 1920–1948"

Carole Woodall (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs): "Sensing the City: Sound, Movement, and the Night in 1920s Istanbul" 

Amy Zalman (SAIC): "Gender and the Politics of Arab Literary Culture 1945-1975"