Links to Other Medieval and Renaissance Resources

Research Tools
COPAC: Access to the unified online catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
ITER: A gateway to studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that includes an online bibliography covering all languages and disciplines from 400 to 1700.
The Labyrinth: Resources for medieval studies.
Luminarium: Provides texts and supplemental materials for medieval and Renaissance studies.
Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Lists library collections online, primary text archives, medieval studies projects on the Internet, manuscript projects, and digital exhibitions.
NetSERF: A comprehensive index of medieval resources on the Internet.
The ORB: An online reference book for medieval studies, written and maintained by medieval scholars.

Programs and Organizations (Most of these sites have extensive links collections for further research.)
ACMRS: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
AVISTA: Association Villard de Honnecourt for Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science and Art, which includes an online publication of AVISTA's journal.
Center for Medieval Studies: At Fordham University.
Center for Medieval Studies: At the University of Minnesota.
Centro Elaborazione Informatica di Testi e Immagini nella Tradizione Letteraria: At the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.
Feminae: The Medieval Women and Gender Index showcases scholarship on women, gender, and sexuality during the Middle Ages.
International Center of Medieval Art: Extensive listings of events and resources.
Italnet: Guide to online projects in Italian studies, including the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, a full-text database of more than 1,300 early vernacular texts.
The International Courtly Literature Society: With regional branches worldwide.
Medieval Academy of America: Offers Medieval Academy News online and sponsors fellowships, grants, and prizes.
The Medieval Institute: At Western Michigan University.
Medieval Research Centre: At the University of Leicester, which includes information about its MA program and other research opportunities.
Medieval Studies Program: At Rutgers University.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: In New York City.
The Morgan Library & Museum: In New York City.
The New York Public Library: Access to online catalogues of texts.

Manuscript and Text Studies
The Aberdeen Bestiary: The digitized version of the manuscript with an English translation and transcription of the original Latin and commentary.
British Library's Digital Library: Digital editions of rare historic texts.
The Chronicles of Froissart: Electronic version of the John Bourchier translation.
Digital Scriptorium: A searchable image database of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from many institutions.
Early Manuscripts: At Oxford University. An extensive collection of digital facsimiles of early manuscripts.
The Electronic Beowulf Project: A huge database of digital images of the Beowulf manuscript, as well as related manuscripts and printed texts.
The Scholars Lab: University of Virginia's online archive includes over 45,000 classic texts in 12 languages, including a Middle English collection, an Old English corpus, and a variety of Renaissance sources.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Texts of medieval sources.
Middle English Compendium: Database of Middle English works and manuscripts.
Moralia in Job: An online English translation.

Manuscript Catalogues
Corsair: The Pierpont Morgan Library.
The Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
Medieval Manuscripts: St. John's College, University of Cambridge.

Art and Archaeology (For manuscripts, see above: "Manuscript and Text Studies" and "Manuscript Catalogues.")
Amiens Cathedral Project: Columbia University.
The Bayeux Tapestry: The complete tapestry in digital form.
The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland: A searchable digital archive.
Index of Christian Art: Princeton University.
Wall Paintings in Danish Churches: An image database.

Institute of Historical Research: The IHR's digital library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.
Manuscripta Mediaevalia: A database of German medieval manuscripts and handwriting samples.

Religion A site with a variety of translations of the Bible into many languages, including Vulgate, Hebrew, LXX, and Arabic with a feature that shows all the versions for one verse.
Bibliographies: Bibliographies of medieval and Franciscan preaching, medieval exegesis, Franciscan historiography, and Franciscan travel and missionary works.
The Catholic Encyclopedia: Extensive online encyclopedia of Catholic history, practices, and beliefs.
Christian Hagiography: Societe des Bollandistes. The online version of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, originally published between 1901 and 1906.

Medieval & Renaissance Drama
Medieval European Drama in Translation: An online bibliography of published English translations of early European drama.

Anglo-Saxon Studies

Patristic Studies, Late Antiquity
Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics:  searchable in French, with introduction available in English
Patrologia Latina
The Ethereal Library, Study Bibles and Early Church Fathers in electronic format

Celtic Studies and Irish Studies
CELT, Corpus of Electronic Texts

Moleiro, publishers of replicas and art books
University of Chicago Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Michigan Press
University of Toronto Press
Cornell University Press
Indiana University Press
Oxford University Press
Yale University Press
Routledge Publishers
Johns Hopkins Press

And..., an academic resource for the study of the Venerable Bede
Museum Replicas Limited, when you need "historically accurate, battle-ready" swords, axes, helmet, shields and chain mail
The Society for Medieval Military History is the official site of de re militari. The organization publishes the Journal of Medieval Military History and presents several sessions at Kalamazoo each year.