As a 'center' of the study of two periods that could not be more closely related but are often studied either separately or in sequence MARC strives to find ways to bring all modes of research into the Middle Ages and the Renaissance together. As the 'center' of the enormous variety of departments and programs independently devoted to the study of some aspect of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, MARC strives to dissolve or at least attenuate the barriers between disciplines, fostering a wide-ranging and common conversation into all the subjects its constituent departments and programs independently pursue. As such a 'center', we particularly welcome suggestions about ways to promote such inquiry and conversation, and, in particular, suggestions for speakers or events or forums or programs that might help us better pursue this mission.

The events we schedule for each semester and the conference we organize each Spring are posted on this web site, and we invite all students and faculty at NYU as well as all interested members of the public to attend. News of such events as well as other talks and conferences of interest are also publicized on MARC's active listserv, The Medieval And Renaissance Discussion List at NYU, and those interested in joining this list should contact either the Director or the Center's Administrator at marc.center@nyu.edu. NYU Faculty interested in becoming affiliated with the Center are also encouraged to contact the Director or the Administrator, and such Faculty should also let us know of any courses they are teaching which they would like us to advertise to our lists membership and include in listings on this site.

The Center has an active Advisory Board and projects or programs that might further its mission can also be brought to their attention. The Board's current members are:

Dennis Geronimus (Art History)
Jane Tylus (Italian)
Carolyn Dinshaw (English)
Andrew J. Romig (History)
Helen S. Kay (French)
Christopher Wood (German)
Martha Rust (English)

The Center's full time Administrator, with responsibility for its day to day running, is Crystal Parsons. Crystal has twenty years of experience at NYU and she is particularly knowledgeable about the Center's undergraduate program, its requirements and organization. She can usually be found in the Center's office, room 205, in 13-19 University Place.

Karl Appuhn
Director, MARC