Societies and the Social Sciences | 2013-2014

The Societies and the Social Sciences and Expressive Culture components can be satisfied through completion of approved joint-major programs.

Approved Joint-Major Programs:
Anthropology and Classical Civilization
French and Linguistics
German and Linguistics
Italian and Linguistics
Spanish and Linguistics

Societies and the Social Sciences

The Societies and the Social Sciences component can be satisfied through completion of an approved major or minor program or by completing an approved department course.

Approved Majors and Minors:
American Studies (major only)
Anthropology and Linguistics 
Economics and Mathematics 
Economics and Computer Science 
European and Mediterranean Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Global Public Health/Anthropology
Global Public Health/History
Global Public Health/Sociology
International Relations 
Language and Mind
Latino Studies (major only)
Law and Society
Metropolitan Studies 

Approved Department Courses:
ANTH-UA 1 Human Society and Culture (Anthropology)
ANTH-UA 3 Archaeology: Early Societies and Cultures (Anthropology)
SCA-UA 1 Concepts in Social and Cultural Analysis (Social and Cultural Analysis)
SCA-UA 401 Approaches to Gender and Sexuality Studies (Social and Cultural Analysis)
SCA-UA 601 Introduction to Metropolitan Studies (Social and Cultural Analysis)
ECON-UA 1 Economic Principles I (P) (Economics)
ECON-UA 2 Economic Principles II (P) (Economics)
POL-UA 300 Power and Politics in America (Politics)
POL-UA 500 Comparative Politics (Politics)
HIST-UA 9 The United States to 1865 (History)
LING-UA 1 Language (Linguistics)
LING-UA  15 Language and Society (Linguistics)
LING-UA  47 The Language of America's Ethnic Minorities (Linguistics)
LING-UA 30 Language in Latin America (Linguistics)
LING-UA 58 Introduction to African Languages (Linguistics)
LING-UA 9058 Introduction to African Languages (Linguistics)
PSYCH-UA 1 Introduction to Psychology (Psychology)
RELST-UA 1 Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion (Religious Studies)
SOC-UA 1 Introduction to Sociology (Sociology)
SOC-UA 2 Introduction to Sociology (Honors) (Sociology)
SOC-UA 135 Race and Ethnicity (Sociology)
SOC-UA 205 Social Movements, Protest and Conflict (Sociology)
SOC-UA 386 American Capitalism in Theory and Practice (formerly known as Ideas and Institutions in American Society) (Sociology)
SOC-UA 417 Sociology of Law (Sociology)